vrijdag 22 november 2013

Knitting, Sewing, Painting & Freezing

It's incredibely chilly in our village, has been all week. We have the heating on, I'm wearing woolen sweaters & still my toes need wiggling to stop them going numb in 2 pairs of socks.
So now try to imagine turning the heat of, opening all the doors and windows. Letting the wind reign free. Sounds like a bad dream doesn't it? Well it was VERY real to us this week...

We had the painters in, doing all the window frames and doors of Pale Rose Cottage. Yes,this was not OUR idea of good timing. But as the landlord is organizing this, he decides when they come and paint all the woodwork.

It was to be now, regardless of the temperatures. In summer would have been our choice, but like I said it wasn't our call. So there we were: the three of us. Me, mom & Charlotte huddled in the attic & positively freezing! Was Dad right in thinking his pancake would predict cold? ;)

I always said that making it cozy inside & doing something fun or creative will make you forget about the cold. Doing that in the attic, between the washing line and three boxes of Christmas decoration... It just doesn't have the same effect :) Oh well, it's only for a few days I hope.

With all the doors and windows open & our Charlotte acting scared by so many (strange) men climbing up ladders. Whistling, creating funny paint smells & talking together in deep voices. We felt it would be saver to have her tucked away upstairs.

Prevent her running away & getting lost. She wasn't too happy with her new place at first. Mom and I didn't like it so much either, Dad was running the cottage downstairs. My mom knitted, while I attempted to create and sew together a sturdy foam structure. It's tricky sewing foam, the needle didn't want to go through it so easily...

I plan to make something with fabric on/over it later. Not sure if it will work so I'll keep it to myself for now, to be continued later :) Hopefully it's going to be pretty. Did have a headache while I was sewing, so I have yet to look it over and see if it's to my satisfaction or needs doing over. I wanted to keep my hands going while we chatted. Somehow being sore and not seeing too well can make you look at your work differently at the time. On the other hand it comes inside and will be covered, so it might be ok.

A while ago I got a fabulous knitting magazine from my parents. A copy of Jane Austen knits Fall edition (see picture above). Beautiful photo's and fun patterns inside! Somewhere in the attic we have a box of wool in storage. "Old" balls of yarn we have yet to create something with. Amongst these was an Ivory colored 10 pack still unopened. Mom pulled it out & as we flipped the pages of JA knits we both fell in love with a gorgeous wrap around. It's called A Sensible Shawl & it made perfect sense that THIS shawl was to be made with the Ivory yarn.

Mom had been working on it for a while and now that we were "stuck" in the attic she took her knitting bag with her. The needles ticked away, just as the minutes did & the shawl grew. We had a quick sandwich lunch. Normally I would have made a warm meal at noon, but now the kitchen smelled of paint. Though the hot food would be welcome to us, we opted for bread. As that would go faster, minimizing our "eating-paint-experience" ;)

This day wasn't too bad all together & in the afternoon the painters had left. The windows could close again as the paint had dried enough. By this time we put the heating back on & all sat in the living room again. We had a pot of tea, sat under a quilt & then mom had to go to her Doctor's appointment.

In time the room was warm once more, Charlotte kept me company. I dressed the table, prepared a warm dinner so far possible & read some more in my book. Waiting for my parents to come back to the cottage and eat together, a nice traditional Dutch winters meal, Boerenkool stamppot :D

The painters will come again when it's dry weather to finish the job. I hope it's soon before the temperatures drop some more.

Did you ever get the winter painters in? How did you survive the cold? Made any knitting projects from a Jane Austen magazine? Was ever stuck in the atttic? Don't be shy & share it with me :)

See you later,
Jo's Daughter

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