maandag 11 november 2013

St Martin

Happy St Martins day !!

Reading the title or knowing that today it is November 11, I don't need to explain much about what we are celebrating at the cottage today ;) In this picture you can see the simple decoration we've placed on our nature table. It's a paper star light, a beautiful card framed and center stage on a slice of Birch tree trunk. Also a little "lantern" covered in stars. Perfect for St Martin who's the star of this feast...

Because we are still a bit under the weather & suffering from the weather outside aswell, not really but it's SO grey this time of year. We make it cozy at home as a family, my type of fun. So everyone raise their glass in a toast to St Martin with us... We are having some homemade (fruit) ice tea, delicious :D

They are having a parade in our town, with a villager dressed as St Martin on horseback. Probably loads of children with lanterns coming to see it and walk along. It's tradition but we won't be present this year. Shame they shall not pass the street where Pale Rose stands for I would have been able to see it through the window. Maybe even take a picture to share with you.

What I can show you are my mom's beautiful, brand new, handmade St Martin gnomes. They have a wooden body with a wool felt cape & super cute mini lanterns. All a different color and shape to add interest. We have placed them on a shelve and a little branch functions as a tree to create a little scene. When evening falls we might light a few candles beside them.

Pretty don't you think? I really love them and knowing that my mom hasn't been well, I'm really proud of her making such an effort to create something special for us :D The result will be treasured for many years to come!

Are you celebrating St Martin at your place? Decorated your house? Walking in a parade? Or just watching one? Going round for treats maybe ;) ... Don't hold back and tell me everything.

See you soon,
Jo's Daughter

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  1. The handmade St Martin gnomes are so beautiful, we love them very, very much!

    You and your mom create always the most lovely things!


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