zaterdag 30 november 2013

St. Nicholas Market, Crafts & Poetry

It's almost St. Nicholas day and lots of little ones are getting excited. Our Charlotte is too young to understand & her being a cat doesn't help either ;) She does enjoy playtime and has many fun toys to choose from. This week, mom realized that most of her bolls had gotten old. Time to grab a bit of wool and get creative...
All her old toys got washed and we intended to make some new ones. Suddenly I noticed that my scarf was missing from the coat stand & there it was, on the floor. Being dragged by Charlotte :D
My scarf has a few pompons on it & they are very similar to her toys. So I can see how (for her) this looked alike. She might have been missing her toys and spotted these on the coat stand, thinking to herself: "Hey that's mine", super cute!! We let her be and just continued with our tea break.

I grabbed a few bits of paper and a picture frame. Time to finally get to work on that silhouette I had been planning. I'm a big fan of Jane Austen & one day it struck me that I do not have her silhouette anywhere in my room. Shocking isn't it? ;) I put it to rights today and used a black paper bag, a photocopy I got of the internet & a sheet of my handmade flower paper. I cut the flower paper to fit the picture frame & then carefully cut out Jane's profile. Glued it to the center & put the frame back together again.

When it was later in the evening, we searched through our "stash" of odd bolls in the attic. Mom found some white woolen yarn. She took it downstairs and started to make big fluffy pompons. In no time Charlotte had spotted the wool, or maybe it's scent had alarmed her to this prey.

That big white thing rolled around and never sat still. For some unexplained reason she was not allowed to grab it and drag it to her basket. That was no fun at all, she seemed to say to us :) It can be difficult can't it? To talk to your cat, know it's for her own good & everything will work out later, but she doesn't seem to understand.

Patience is a virtue, which got rewarded for Charlotte. I played a little with her and the still-to-felt boll. she didn't really get into it. So much better to do your own thing, isn't it, which Charlotte did the next morning!

Several white felted bolls came out of the washing machine. Again Charlies 6th sense alerted her to this interesting basket of woolen bolls, still damp and smelling mighty fine. Dear Charlotte was delighted and stole one of the felt bolls that had yet to dry from our laundry basket.

Her cat nature came up, she growled to defend her "kill".
I went after her with my camera, but she didn't sit still.

Hey, that rhymes :) Well it is getting close to St. Nicholas day. Making poems for this feast is a tradition still kept till this day. I vividly remember making them when we were kids. I asked my parents if they too wrote rhymes to go with surprise packages in their youth & yes they did. (Good memories where shared!)

Here's that fuzzy picture of Charlotte being a little bit naughty. Can you spot that cheeky glint in her pretty eyes? Or is it just me seeing it there. Looks likes she enjoys her new toys. With the heating on, the other bolls dried quickly & I decided to spend the rest of the afternoon playing with our girl :D

I lined up all the new toys on top of the closet she often sits on. Her eyesight is excellent and she jumped at this opportunity to have some fun. She kicked them all of & I placed them back on. This went on for a while and I had a wonderful day. She twisted her head, challenged me, got feisty, seemed to smile & I could just "eat her", she looked adorable enough :)

Not all the woolen toys had felted well, some still had many fringes round their edges. Some shrunk & some were still huge. It doesn't matter, she loves them all! Something that brings us joy too.

Another thing that made us happy this week, was going to the St. Nicholas Market at the Waldorf School. It gets smaller every time it seems, but we try to go each year. Mom, Dad and I all went to have a look & had fun seeing the children make their own spicy gingernuts (pepernoten), bake pizzas & sell apples.

The crafts sold there were beautiful & there were many wooden toys on display. To support the school we bought a tree made from a pineapple and some wooden branches, shown in very first picture on this post. Also we purchased a felted candleholder with Rainbow colors around it. It has three small pockets to put a little gem in or some other small treasure. We lighted a candle the minute we got home & I took a picture to show you. Looks lovely doesn't it?!

I'll end this post with a picture of Jane, standing on our wooden blanket chest which holds our quilts. I think that the handmade paper goes really well with the shabby chic frame & old fashioned silhouette. It's as if she's been there forever & in my heart she's had a special place for a long time anyway :)

Do you have a cat that loves wool? Make toys for your pets? Enjoy playing with them? Are you a Jane fan? Like to make paper crafts? Or make little rhymes, for St. Nicholas day? Would love to know :)

See you soon,
Jo's Daughter

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