vrijdag 15 november 2013

The Gift of Friendship

When my Friend S. came to see me on my Birthday she told me that, in honor of me adding another year to my life, we'd go for a High Tea together. Then I got the flu and had to cancel our appointment :( Though I was sad it turned out this way, S. told me on the phone that she would come and visit me at home instead...

So we made an appointment for tea at the cottage. A few days ago, when we were all feeling much better the doorbell rang and my friend was here to have said tea, chat and watch a movie. She walked in with a pile of boxes in her hand and asked if they could be stored in the fridge till later. Ohh.... how exciting!

Mom and me are on special diets because of food intolerance issues. Because of that we are unable to eat most treats. There's always sugar, or milk, or cheese or chocolate in things that taste great & then give us physical pain or discomfort :(

We did not have to worry about sampling one of these surprise goodies. My friend told me she did some "extensive research" & even brought the printed recipes. So that we can make these or some other snacks ourselves...

Wow, how thoughtful of  S. to take the time and interest to go online, search for recipes we could try. Then to buy special ingredients & bake these delicious looking goodies the day before our meeting. That means A LOT!! To all of us & I guess it really shows how much she cares... That is wonderful, thank you so much dear S. Not just for the edible gifts, but the gift of your friendship!!

We had a few cups of Lemon and Green tea, a tangerine or two. Chatted non-stop & I had such fun. Then those boxes came out of the fridge and I was amazed at how beautiful these little patisseries looked :D She had made Puffed quinoa balls & Date bolls with Chia seeds, also a Spicy and fresh cucumber salad... Where is a girl to start?!

We selected the Puffed Quinoa Balls first and it was heavenly :D Almond flavor, melt-in-your-mouth divinity ;) Really, really good & I know for sure that I will try to bake these myself :D Maybe for my mother's Birthday next month? In the picture below you can see my new lilac bowls, I have 4 of these in total. Aren't they pretty for Easter...

A movie was selected from my own pile of Austen DVD's. Yes it's a pile, or a collection, I am a huge fan of all things Jane as you probably know. Our guest had not seen Becoming Jane & so I happily popped it in the machine and we settled on the couch. Mom smiled at the sight of S. taking of her shoes and putting on her house slippers. We all wear these inside, at Pale Rose Cottage & she "explained" that she brought them to feel just as comfortable. Which was really cute :) During the film we had the cucumber salad & a few more tangerines, something different from the crisps or popcorn most people would have. Perhaps even better, certainly for your health!

I liked the film as I always do, but it was the company that made it more enjoyable! After feeling a bit ill some days before, it was great to have such a good time again. As dinnertime approached us, Mom suggested we all had some of her homemade soup & a sandwich. Which we did, though S. had but the one serving, because she had made dinner plans with her boyfriend.

As a dessert we had a date + chia seed boll, which was mouthwateringly delicious!! It looked like an expensive handmade petit four (or something) & I "advised" my friend to start her own business making these treats, as for sure they would be a massive hit. I myself would be more than happy to test a few of her recipes :D

Before I was ready to say goodbye, the time had come to do just that. We will see each other again soon and I have a fantastic day to look back on!!

Did you see this film before? Make your own vegetable soup? Have a friend that surprises you with handmade delights? Or had something else fun occur this week... Tell me everything!!

Best wishes,
Jo's Daughter

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