dinsdag 24 december 2013

Blossoming the Night Before

Only a few hours before it's Christmas, or maybe a bit more than a few hours. Who's counting, certainly not me. All right, all right it IS me that's counting the minutes untill we'll all be together here at Pale Rose Cottage :) Sitting beside our twinkling Birch tree, sipping tea & eating my homemade Christmas pudding...

This is what it's supposed to look like tomorrow. Oh I can't wait, SO looking forward to Xmas!! We are keeping it simple, just the way I like it. It will be about the people and not so much about the food. More about the gift of love, family and beginning friendship :) Instead of material goodies...

Though I did get a fantastic gift from my sister (old picture above) a holiday sweater!!! She gave it to me a while ago when I went to her house. That is me in the photo, about to unwrap a pretty silver parcel. I will be wearing it tomorrow obviously.

Helped mom make some delicious food in advance. The main meal will be made from scratch on the day. The apple sauce, the poached pears & my xmas plum pumpkin pudding had to be made earlier. For extra flavor & our cooking schedule.

Hope you enjoy these pictures of our preparations. Including the paper sign I made that nobody liked & I want to know how you are getting on. Feeling festive? Freaked out by all those preparation? Having fun already? Don't eat too much fruitcake, or get too jolly. You might end up tripping over the wire of your fairy lights ;)

Will not be posting tomorrow as we will be busy having fun. Almost forgot to tell you, today our Cherry Barbara branches are blossoming!! See those tiny white flowers everywhere!! Isn't it fantastic to have blossom on the 24th of December. This miracle never seizes to amaze me.

So, I'll get back to reading my Holiday magazine. Make sure you'll have a day to cherish forever! Come and see us later this week, here at Pale Rose cottage. To hear all about our (first-) December 25 together :D

Happy Christmas to you all!!! 
Jo's Daughter

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