vrijdag 27 december 2013

Christmas Pictures

Thinking about our Christmas here at Pale Rose Cottage.

Though I agree (in this case), with the saying that a picture can be worth a thousand words. I feel that I can do SO much better. By sharing with you lots of photos of our homemade fun...

The first is of me, holding my Pumpkin Plum Pudding. Before I changed into my holiday gift sweater. Mom had clipped some Holly of my grandparents Holly bush. We have it in our garden & I think it's lovely that we can have their holly at Christmas.Tadition and family are very im My great grandmother was also "involved" with our X-mas this year, or her pudding form more likely...

I steamed the plum pudding in her turban mold. Sadly I never had the chance to meet her, as she passed many years ago. But all our loved ones where with us in our hearts this year, as always. I like to believe that she would have appreciated my pudding.
When my sister and her boyfriend arrived and all the holiday wishes got shared. We started by having some tea or beverages. Served with anise seed star cookies & various chocolates. Mom and me couldn't have any of these, but tea is ever a treat for us. Combined with Christmas it didn't matter so much that we had "diets" to considder. 

Below a shot of our latest holiday card. A rather pretty one at that, it's from E & her family. The envelop has a tiny sprig of Holly on the back, which is kinda cute I think :) Inside where some beautiful bookmarks as well as a warm wish. Thank you so much!

At lunch time we had some of mom's delicious pumpkin and ginger soup, with fresh orange juice. A family favorite here at Pale Rose. We make it often and it's become a classic dish for special occasions or just for special people visiting us :) This time we topped it with basil leaves & served a baguette with it. 
Here's the Christmas tree decoration I made. This was the first time that my sister and her boyfriend celebrated December 25 together & I thought it would be nice to have a little something in the tree. To remember those happy times & first holiday as a couple every year they decorate the tree. So I picked out a heart and mistletoe sprig, sewed them on a bigger heart and added the year.
It's made out of felt and when I was making it, Charlotte approved wholeheartedly of my materials and design. She rubbed her little head along its edge and tried out the hanging loop, it worked perfectly ;) This photo was made before the ornament was finished & wrapped up in paper with a bow.

Next my Pumpkin plum pudding was cut into slices & I think it was a hit. Not with everyone, but definitely with mom and me. It tasted sweet and spiced and like a nice dessert. Instead of an allowed bread pudding without sugar and no milk. We also had Holly napkins this year, I like Holly a lot & Dad let me choose the design when we were in the shop :)

I had two slices of pudding, it was x-mas after all. We chatted, unwrapped a small present. Had a look at what my sisters holiday gift box from work contained. Lots of chocolaty goodies.Before we knew it darkness had set in, the holiday lights and candles where lid.

All the girls (besides Charlie) popped into the kitchen & got cooking. We tested out ths recipe before today, so I knew it would be very tasty.

I snapped a quick picture of our dining table, which mom had decorated with flair. It's a shame but I completely forgot to take an overall picture from the head of the table. So you cannot see the little trees, hanging stars & angel light on the side. In all the excitement I left the camera for a while.

Therefor the bramble + orange red cabbage with spices, faux baked chicken & mini potatoes will not be visible here. Nor will the gloriously poached pears and ginger applesauce with cream. Or the gold ice creams with caramel & hazelnut bonbons for dessert. The only thing I can say is that, I did have a bit of a headache, so maybe that's why I forgot. All the food looked & tasted great. It was just generally amazing, as was spending Christmas together at the cottage :D

Our "guests" left not too late as they had to travel far. We had a full day of fun, festivity and fabulous food. Here's a last picture of our own angel mesmerized by the beeswax candle. Having a wonderful day with those special to you gives you such joy, peace & positivity. Hope you had a lovely Christmas too!!

Had a laugh with your guests, friends or family? Enjoyed all the lights on the tree? Did you eat a wonderful meal? Or maybe had a few of those magical X-mas snowflakes dancing in the sky? We didn't but, please don't hesitate to tell me all about it.

Best wishes,
Jo's Daughter

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