vrijdag 20 december 2013

Dinner, Planning & Going to market

I went for dinner to my friend S.'s house & when I stepped over the threshold with my plate of homemade candy, it felt as if I wasn't the only one who had arrived. Christmas had come too!!! She decorated her entire place with gorgeous things & though I was obviously happy to see her, had difficulty focusing on that ;) A gorgeous tree with pretty color coordinated decorations stood in the middle of her living room & it's twinkling lights created a magical atmosphere...

I sat down on the cough and my friend put the kettle on, still I was enchanted. By the ribbon full of holiday cards, the red wire letters XMAS hanging from the lamp & the little robot Christmas baubles on the side table. You can always tell that she has an eye for design & a flair for decorating, it all looked super cozy. Totally forgot to take pictures of it, oh well you'll trust me I'm sure when I say it was fabulous to see.

I had made her a plate of blue candy, mentioned above. My sister had shown me earlier this month the pictures of holiday sweets that she had made for her work colleagues. Little gingerbread men & candy canes in orange, decorated with chocolate swirls and dots. They looked really pretty and I got excited about making my own as well, sadly I could not eat them. The idea to borrow my sisters candy mold and make them for my friends (belated) Birthday dinner took form in my head.

Monday this week it also came about in our kitchen :D I got a packet of blue melting candy, my friends favorite color is turqoise and this was the closest to that. Then I placed it in a round bowl above a pan of boiling water. Stirred and stirred until it was melted. Filled the candy mold and popped it into the fridge to set.

When it had I took out the candy and decorated it with chocolate. It was a bit tricky as the blue sweets where small, but so cute! I think they turned out great, there was still some blue candy left over when I had filled the mold. I made little heaps of that on a plate. They were not as round as desired, never mind I decorated them as well. Really got into it at this point so I just made my own designs, a bird, a big flower, little flowers, an ice crystal, a swirl with dots, one with her name & age on it...

Oh dear, a bit of a situation with the last one. I had a number of years in my head. My mom thought that maybe it was a year less & dad mentioned "it might be a year more". Started doubting and felt a bit ashamed that I couldn't be sure anymore. Would be weird if I asked her & so I decided to just be honest about this possible mistake. Turned out I was right, so this piece of candy did not have to be thrown out of the window ;) She surprised me with a gift as well, a set of gorgeous Christmas tree ornaments. A teapot and teacup, adorable and just my cup of tea :)

She told me that on Sunday she's going to sell some of her beautiful handmade Christmas cards & posters on a Christmas market & asked me if I would like to join her. Maybe sell some of my own handcrafts?! I thought about it and have decided to go with her & give it a go. It's a bit scary as I've never done this before and don't know if others will like my work... In any case I will have a fun day with S. and it's a little adventure.

We chatted so much it was quickly time for dinner & we made "my" quinoa salad recipe with beetroot & goats cheese. See first picture of this post. Instead of oranges we used mineola's, but that tasted just as good :D Then after dinner we made a few Christmas trees together by folding magazines & I will try to make some more as decoration before Sunday, to add to our display at the Christmas market.

So I have been busy carefully unwrapping my handmade Christmas decorations & deciding which ones might go + which will be for our own tree again someday. They all have memories attached & I still like all of them :) On the other hand it will be wonderful if someone might love one enough to want it on their own tree.

My friend really liked the apple bauble I had sewn & taken to her to show her. Gave it to her & I placed it on her beautiful tree myself. I will get it exchanged for a set of her cute Christmas cards. Now we both have an (early) reminder of going to the Christmas market together, super fun!!!

I hope the weather will be good, warm and dry. That we get many visitors & maybe a few that appreciate our handmade art... That would be special :) Mom and dad might come to the market & have a look to see how it's going. Maybe my sister and her boyfriend come too... Depends on how everyone's health will be really. I had a wonderful evening last Tuesday :)

Ok, I'll get back to making some stars for my trees now & if I have more time some labels like the one I made for S.s B-day gift. See picture below. The stars are looking pretty I think.

Are you busy preparing for Christmas? Going to stand on a Christmas market? Visiting one? Or like to make your own candy? Tell me everything, would love to know!!

Best Wishes,
Jo's Daughter

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  1. woow I really like the stars! A nice touch for the magazine-trees :)
    Could you send me the pattern so I can make some too?


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