zondag 1 december 2013

First Advent Sunday

Yesterday my mom put on her coat, tied her shoelaces & grabbed a pair of scissors. She popped her head round the door and said to me: "I'll be in the garden for a while". Words were not necessary between us, as I immediately understood her purpose....

She would go out and clip a few bits of green for us. Weeks ago we already flipped through our calendar & figured out which Sunday would be the first of Advent. It was going to be December the 1st :)

So when mom walked through the back garden & selected some box + "fir" and ivy, I was already excited. She would make us something special. Mom came in with a nice (but modest) selection and asked me to bring Grandma's candleholders down. "You know, the ones that you clip on."

When I pulled them out, I noticed that I had not cleaned them as well as I should have last year. Oops, you will have to look past that ;) They are all different & probably came down to us from different family members. I like the one on the left (top) the best. How about you?

Mom was already busy creating a wreath of green. We recently had purchased a new lampshade & had kept the iron/metal rings from it. The lampshade was no longer useable. Still it would be a shame to throw the whole thing out, when we could use the rings for crafting. Being thrifty is part of our DNA here at Pale Rose cottage.

So, I made us some tea and organized a few of my recipes. I like to cut them out, or write them down. Before you know it there are more recipes in my To Try Sometime Box, then the actual structure can hold. Long before I put them all in order, I heard mom call my name. I had the honor of being the first in seeing her creation finished & I absolutely loved it!!

Now, today, I was also the one she asked to light the candle. Here I am doing just that. Our wreath hangs in the center of the living room, above the coffeetable & makes it look rather cozy. The candles are from 100% beeswax and that honey yellow color. The only other thing used in this decoration is the metal wire from which it hangs.

Simplicity, but with so much meaning. Fabulous if you ask me! I'll keep it short this time, we want to sit together and chat for a while. Just had to wish you all a very Happy Advents Sunday :D

Are you celebrating the 1st of Advent? Made your own wreath, or decoration? Have you lighted your candle yet? Or doing something else today? Tell me everything...

Until next time,
Jo's Daughter

2 opmerkingen:

  1. It is a very nice wreath!

    We wish you all a good and cosy month of December


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