donderdag 5 december 2013

Happy St. Nicholas Day

Celebrating today with my family, we are all going to be together here at Pale Rose & have a fabulous time. Looking forward to many cozy moments to treasure for a long time :) Yesterday we put our St Barbara branches on the nature table & I hope that they will do well and give us many flowers before Christmas...


We have Cherry this time see picture above, how difficult to get a hold of them! The people in the flower shops we asked all mentioned it being way too early for branches that would blossom.

Mom told them with great enthusiasm about our tradition. The story of St. Barbara & how the branches WILL come alive in December was received with mixed reactions. Never mind we all love it at the cottage and keep it up. Also in honor of my paternal Grandfather who was a miner :)

So, I quickly wanted to wish you all (who are celebrating) a great and memorable day! I would have loved to make myself a steaming cocoa this morning, but I can't have any sugar :(

Tried replacing it with honey once, but is not my cup of cocoa, so to speak... Do you have an idea how to sweeten hot chocolate, without using sugar or nasty artificial sweeteners?? No, worth a shot I suppose. In a while I shall be able to enjoy an orange and some walnuts. Also delightful, fitting of today and a lot healthier :)

That's it for now, Mom's ready for her cup of tea & as it's her day I'll keep it short. We are trying a new flavor, see picture above. Can't wait to try it :)

Are you celebrating St Nicholas day? Have your own St Barbara branches? Or an idea on how to get a cocoa that taste just as good as a real one?! Tell me everything & I'll get back to you asap.

All the best,
Jo's Daughter

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