maandag 16 december 2013

Jane Austen & Christmas

It is a truth universally acknowledged, that on December 16 you HAVE to celebrate Jane Austen's Birthday. Or you cannot call yourself a true Janeite...

So I put on some pink lip gloss, added my silver hairclip & that's exactly what I shall do today!  Mom's gone to the doctors right now & I have some presents to wrap in pretty paper.

No not for our Jane, but my friend S :) Going to see her tomorrow & it's a late Birthday present for her. Also make her a little treat maybe?.... Can't talk about that yet still a surprise & who knows how it will turn out. I'm wearing my Elizabeth Bennet scarf btw. It's Pale Blue with gold roses on it, see picture below.

We got our first Holiday cards this week. When we came home from the shops a bright red & a bright green envelop had come through the letterbox. It looked so festive the two cards together. Inside was an ever greater surprise! A pretty handmade paper angel for me + a pretty handmade paper dove for my parents. Tucked between our beautiful Christmas cards, send by our dear friends J & H. Thank you so much!!

We placed the cards on our plate-rack?, a wooden construction that hangs on the wall in the dining room. Mom and I had the idea to remove the plates and fill it with all the Christmas cards we shall get this year. I think it will look lovely and colorful. We don't go nuts at Christmas and simplicity is key at Pale Rose Cottage. The other two cards are from my sister.

Have already cooked us lunch today & prepared a bit for Christmas. My sister and her boyfriend are visiting us on Christmas day. As it will be our first Christmas all together we want to make it special and cozy :) Which is tricky food-wise, as there are several diets to consider.

Have been searching for recipes, ideas or treats that are allowed for all, simple things mind you. Not gotten far, as my sore head wasn't always cooperating. But I still have enough time & it's not about what we eat or how we decorate. It's about being with special people! Talking about special people. How amazing would it have been to go to tea at Jane's for her Birthday! Talking about her work, getting to know her as a person...

Oh, look at the time. Time flies when you're daydreaming about two of your favorite things, "Pemberley-stuff" and Xmas :D Therefor I'll keep it short. So much to do still, only made some gift labels & still need to wrap the gifts.

Dear Jane I raise my teacup to you & I wish you all the best, where ever you are. Plan to watch Persuasion again today :) I know, I know have seen it dozens of times but... The story of Anne and her Captain never fails to pierce my soul :D

How about you? Are you celebrating today? Watching Persuasion or another masterpiece? Getting ready for the Holidays? Send out Christmas cards? Or had something else happen this week? Tell me everything!

See you soon,
Jo's Daughter

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