dinsdag 31 december 2013

Old & New

Happy New Year!

Out with the old & in with the new, these words were spoken yesterday here at Pale Rose. Mom and I cleaned out our closets. We have put on every piece of clothing we own, decided what no longer fit us well. After losing 25 kilos together in weight that was a lot. Come January we will have to go shopping for new clothes. Most ladies enjoy this process, we do not. However it must be done, as we cannot go out the door wrapped in a quilt…
I am sitting underneath one when typing this, but I’m also wearing my new year’s dress. A brown/copper satiny thing I snapped up a fortnight ago when I was in the city. Saw it hanging on a rack with very reasonable prices & after trying it on, purchased it for this specific day.

Worn it once before at home, not that we had a party but my sister would briefly visit & I had to brag about my good deal ;) Took this picture then, even though it’s fuzzy and evening, you can still see it I think.

We have heard many bangs in the village, it seems as if many are in a party mood. Wouldn't say that I am, Mom had to go to the hospital again today for another test & it's not exactly calming or fun. Oh well, we will have more fun this evening I hope.

Over Christmas the BBC showed that new series Death Comes To Pemberley. I taped it but we have been unable to watch it yet. So the plan is that the three of us, Mom and Dad & me, are going to see who dies at Pemberley. How the Darcy's solve this crime, for I suspect they will figure it out together. I saw a few pictures of this show online and it looked promising.

Might be just the distraction we would welcome with all the noises & a scared cat hiding under our couch. Dear Charlotte is already afraid, her ears are so sensitive! She can see smoke floating down the street too. Our girl is not a fan of noises or flames, she is forever trying to extinguish any fire we light ;) Every candle or tea light that is, sadly we do not have a fireplace at the cottage. We watch her and the tiny flames closely, so that she cannot hurt herself. Sadly the fireworks are out of our control & we can only hope for a quiet night in. Here's a pretty picture we got in the mail that made us smile.

No one shall be making a fuss with appetizers or treats here at the cottage. Plan to have a simple meal and just some lovely fruit. I bought us some beautiful oranges. They are usually associated with Christmas or St Nicholas day, we will have them on New Year's Eve. Traditions are wonderful but you don't always have to stick with them on a holiday. The only tradition we keep today and tomorrow is spending it together and being thankfull for all our blessings. It's been a challanging year, with many (health-) setbacks. Still there have been SO many special moments I wouldn't have missed for the world.

I hope you've had a good year & that 2014 will be an even better one. Full of health, happiness + homemade fun!

Are you planning a party? Or going to one? Have a pet petrified of firework? Going to drink lots of Champagne? Dance at midnight? Eat oliebollen or appelflappen tonight for dinner? Oranges perhaps ;) Don't be shy and tell me everything!!

Until later,
Jo's Daughter

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