maandag 23 december 2013

Snowmans & Christmas Market

Got up early Sunday morning, I was excited and couldn't sleep anymore. Made myself a cute breakfast Goats cheese snowmen's!! See picture, aren't they adorable??...

It's super simple to do & great fun!! Form a large boll out of goats cheese for the head & a small one for a hand. Add raisins for buttons and eyes, a piece of carrot as a nose. Stick in a small broom if you have one & voila. Frosty(s) on your plate, made the start of my day a happy one!

(The snowman card below is one of the set I got from my friend, in exchange of my apple tree bauble.)

Turned out I was going to need it ;) Well not really but it rained and rained, there was a lot of wind. Mom and me had been up since three in the morning. We finished up the last few things I'd take to the Christmas market. Everything was packed, priced and looking pretty. She surprised me with some four leave clovers, for luck :) How sweet is that!!

My friend S. came for lunch and mom had made some of her delicious soup, which we ate with a slice of bread. I was a bit nervous, unsure of where it was & who'd might come and how it all would go. As I would not be completely by myself I tried to be brave and dressed warmly. Two pairs of socks, a legging extra, a scarf, hat and mittens. A woolen jumper and a turtleneck, I should not freeze & they promised bonfires and hot chocolate/gluwein... Sounded cozy don't you think.

In reality my friend and I got really disappointed. The stalls had not been set up, no hot chocolate, not even a bathroom was provided. It rained, it was windy. It was super cold & both of us had pictured a fun, buzzing Christmas market. Full of life, people and entertainment.

Non off this was true & though I didn't want to abandon my friend, I could not possible see myself stay. To place all my handmade quilts, Christmas tree decorations & paper holiday trees on display. With the elements ruining them, while others had left already & only 9 stalls had been spoken for... My feet and good humor got rather chilly at this image. So I decided to go back to Pale Rose & forget about the market :(

My friend stayed on, to see if perhaps in an hour's time the weather would improve & she could sell some of her adorable cards, I wrapped my scarf a little more round my neck, rubbed my hands together and sighed a few times.

It was a sad moment for all of us, my parents had helped me get ready. My sister and her boyfriend had come to assist setting us up & my friend still had hope of the Christmas market turning up/out ok. I wished the last one was true, but alas it was not.
She called me later in the evening to say that she had been unable to set up and went home. Besides this bad news, she also had some good news to share.

The Christmas trees mom & me made DID sell, some of her friends/family had purchased them. So that was really great! They will be enjoyed over the holidays & all our hard work has not been for naught. I too, sold three Christmas tree decorations, to my sister's boyfriend. For his mother on December 26 & I hope she will like them. He and my sister stayed for dinner & mom made tasty mushroom omelets by their request.

It was a cold day, a rainy day, a day that turned out different then we all had expected. Nevertheless it was a fabulous day filled with family and friends, who brought warmth, joy and good conversation. So when I went to sleep & remembered it all, I said to myself: the end of the day was a happy one too :D

How was your Sunday? Had fun or lots of rain? Went to a Christmas market? Made a mushroom omelet? OR something else delicious? Do tell!

See you soon,
Jo's Daughter

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