zondag 8 december 2013

Unexpected Fun & Kindness

When you get an unexpected gift that makes you smile. A little something that you don't expect, that moment of surprise... It makes you feel really happy inside :) We got three of those things this week, that moved us and made us feel warm. Those small gestures of kindness can mean the world to you & even make you want to share it with the world ;) 
So that's exactly what I'm doing today, by posting this first picture. The pretty card and hyacinth-trio on the right, those are two of the things I was talking about.

When Mom and Dad went to the village shop to buy some food supplies, they got a wonderful surprise. After purchasing our goodies, the cassiere gave my parents a trio of hyacinths, compliments of the shop :D We got blue bulbs and that's lovely. Because earlier we bought a single blue hyacinth at the flowershop. How did this lady know my Mom preferred that color ;) She is often drawn to blues and purples, as am I.
When they walked home smiling, I could tell them about another surprise I found at our doormat. A pretty card from E. who is a dear friend of our good friend J. Lady E's family recently moved house & we send her a card. To wish her and her family well in their new home. Despite them all being super busy and in the middle of a move, she send us a card from her new place of residence. It has lots of small pictures on it & we really got an impression of their new hometown. Which is wonderful, thank you so much!
Speaking of new things, I tried a new recipe this week & it included a new (to us) vegetable. I had clipped out a recipe and kept it in my: to try box. When I organised it earlier, I saw it again and mentioned it to Dad. A recipe for a mash with Jerusalem Artichokes (sunroot), they are good for people with Diabetis & I was eager to give this a go. But where to buy them in this tiny village where Pale Rose stands?!
The Farmshop where my friend S. works did not have these, I asked her about that earlier. Dad was in the larger supermarket in the city & spotted somethere. He brought a basket home & when I saw them I decided to change our planned dinner. Scratch the Brussels Sprouts with toasted nuts and goatscheese. Hello sunroot mash with prunes, goats cheese and sage!
Peeling these Jerusalem artichokes was tricky, they have many little bumbs. Mom helped me prepare the food & I boiled them and the potatoes till done. I baked onions with sage & prepared the cheese and prunes. All the while me and mom chatted and had fun. So much to talk about. When everything was ready I mixed the lot & quickly served it. We could not wait to try this :)
I left out the large amount of butter and milk that you had to mash through it. So I'm not sure what to call our dish, chopped sunroot perhaps, but it was delightful. The three of us all enjoyed it and I would love to make it again. Not too complicated and a colorful feast on a plate. Dare I admit this?, I did later discover that the reported unfortunate side effects of this vegetable are somewhat true. A good pot of mint tea will solve that & it is lovely and healthy so, who cares when you are amongst friends. Speaking of friends...
The next day S. send me an email, with good news. At her workplace they now had Jerusalem Artichokes for sale, hihi. Just the one day apart we discovered them. How amazing that she remembered & took the time to let us know.

So when I had a spare moment of creativity, I made S. a Birthday card. Just a simple cake on a cakestand in her favorite colors. Wanted to make it myself as she's always so thoughtful and kind.
I rather enjoyed this brief moment of crafting in between bouts of headaches. Makes me want to do more. Like finish that quilt, those dolls & that Christmas bauble...

Did you ever try this vegetable? What did you cook with it? Got an unexpected surprise this week? Or maybe send one out yourself? Make any other great dishes for dinner? Or like to make cards? Talk to me!
Best wishes,
Jo's Daughter

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