woensdag 22 januari 2014

Lending a Creative Hand

Besides the washing machine making a lot of noise, it's all a bit quiet at the cottage. Dad is organizing a bunch of papers & Mom's trying to sleep as she still has some pains. Charlotte is keeping her company on the bed, be it under the covers. So with all of us fairly silent and dinner almost ready on the stove, I have a minute to chat with you...

About this week & what's going on, creativity wise. There have been a lot of "sick" days in which one or more of us felt somewhat unwell. There have also been many moments of fun, creative-ness & family time. Which balance things out and make our lives full with homemade happiness. After all the Household chores had been completed & I had lended a hand with everything needed doing. I could relax & think about doing something crafty. What would I start, what would I create...
We got a box delivered in the mail, inside there was a stack of magazines. Some delicious but forbidden chocolates, cards & two brown travel kits. Our friends J&H and their daughter had surprised us with it. My father has been having a lot of fun reading and doing puzzles from the magazines already. I love to look at the chocolates, won't eat them but they do look delightful.
Mom enjoys looking at the cards from her bed, as I placed them on her bedside table. They first stood downstairs but as she's in need of a laydown I decided to bring them up, for they are rather cheery and pretty to look at. Especially the Russian nesting doll seen in the first picture!
I was going through the items in the travel kit, deciding which to keep, give to my sister or throw out when inspiration struck. I had gotten a new project out of the travel kit, I could see it clearly coming together in my head. I'd be turning the sleeping maskers into a base for a holiday decoration :)
When I told my mother about this sudden burst of inspiration/creative energy she had difficulty imagining it finished. Puddings from a mask... ok, "I'll let you surprise me", she said. One of the masks has been turned into two brown stuffed circles already. When it is completed I will add some pictures here so you can also see what I would have been talking about.

The cardboard from the box that all those goodies had been shipped in, has instantly been transformed into a "handmade piece of country charm". First I cut out my Grans hand, which we had traced on a piece of paper over 10 years ago. Next I cut out a small heart from the palm section, repeated the process for a second hand & tada:
Here it is 2 paper hands that shine with love, or something like it. One of the hands is placed in a blue card stand& it almost looks like a cuff. Isn't this a cute thing to make from an old cardboard box? I sure think so & it's even better because it's not just A pair of hands. They are Grandma's hands and that makes all the difference to me :D
Another crafty thing I'm hoping to create is a Robin out of the pair of brown fluffy socks from said travel kit. Yes this kit was full of materials just begging to be transformed ;) The socks have no heel section and therefor can be easier bended into the sought after shape. I have added a bit of stuffing and sewn the two socks together into the base for the bird. So far so good, funny that in January with Christmas passed I feel inspired by these materials and are making a bit of Holiday cheer.
Over December there was so much going on with Mom's health and I didn't create as much as I wanted. Now I did find those moments in which I sat down and did a bit of crafting. Not from a pattern or from a thought out plan but from the loose wrist. We'll see how it all turns out. Oh dear, "look at the clock", Dad says. I need to cook some food or we will be having bread for lunch & we already had it for breakfast. Goodbye for now, I have to put my hands towards getting dinner on the table.

How's your last few days been? Done any crafting? Found inspiration in the mail? Enjoying a quiet moment at home, as I am? Do tell!!!

As always,
Jo's Daughter

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