dinsdag 28 januari 2014

Lucky Lentils & a Dip

Traditionally you eat lentils at the beginning of the year, but in the first week of January it just didn't happen at Pale Rose. It is supposed to bring luck. Mom did mention a few times she would LOVE to eat our family's favorite Lentil Stew this month... So I made it for her this week :)

Dad sliced us some bread to go with the stew, we didn't bake any bread this time as Mom had a "hospital marathon". Seven doctors in only 5 days, that does not leave her much time for cooking. So I took over in the kitchen again & made the stew, called Linzen Eintopf. It's a German recipe we have been making for years. Just didn't get round to baking bread as I'd hoped. Was distracted and thinking about all those tests results & stuff. Probably having a bit of a "dip" (=> feeling down)

Mom would say not to worry but that's a tricky thing to do, even though I promised I wouldn't. Following a recipe & making it from scratch does help. When the stew was taking shape and I had to stir in the pan, the smells and warmth coming from the stove did replace those nerves.

Charlotte also came to have a look in the kitchen and see what was cooking. Not to her liking she discovered soon. I did think it looked pretty good and it tasted great as well. I taste tested it a few times and was pleased with the result. Somehow I do always imagine Mom's to taste better, but she said it was just as she remembered it & perhaps even better. I suspect that she was just tired and therefor found it extra delicious to sit down and eat. It doesn't matter really, if only they will bring her/us some luck.

I'm glad that this family favorite is still an option with our food intolerance issues. So many dishes that we love are no longer on our menu, due to some ingredients that cause discomfort. Going to the supermarket to buy food is now a lot more time consuming because I read all the labels carefully. You'd be surprised how any things have syrup in it, even veggie burgers. So those are off our shopping list too.

Wanting to add some variety to our meals I did find something that looked promising. I remember my friend S. telling me that she had this once (with her sister?) & liked it. So I brought it home for Mom and myself, Dad is not a fan of "the Goat" :D

Yes, I baked these little goats cheeses in the oven and we dipped some of that bread which Dad sliced earlier into it... Fabulous!!! Now this is a dip I loved ;) It really tasted cheese-like and that's something I had missed. Scavenger hunting in the shops for interesting edibles that we can eat paid off this time. To be repeated soon I'd say.

How's your week been? Had fun? Cooked anything with lentils for luck? Felt good? Or did you go to the doctors? Been checking every label like me? Went for a walk? Enjoy warm goats cheese for lunch/dinner? Anything else??? Would love to know!

Best Wishes,
Jo's Daughter

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