dinsdag 14 januari 2014

Saturday, Family Day & a Recipe

My sister would come to visit us on Saturday & so there was a lot to do before she arrived. First we cleaned the cottage till it simply shined, taking the lillies out of the vase. They had had their best days. Our angel was not too happy they had to go. She liked their scent & dipping her paws in the water is such fun! Next we went shopping for some of our favorite foods. After that me and mom stepped into the kitchen, to start cooking...

We had decided to make a carrot and beetroot salad. It was mom's idea & I liked it a lot. We would add raisins, berries and a lemon dressing. It's a healthy recipe we made once before and everyone can eat it (diet wise). Also it's super colorful and tasty, so I was excited about making it again. The beetroots and carrot have to be grated. Therefor we asked for large beetroots at the farm shop. Sadly they only had small ones & it was a rather tricky job to grate them finely and keep our fingers as intended ;) Thankfully no accidents took place at Pale Rose while the food came along nicely.

Us girls peeled the potatoes and Charlotte slept like a rose, until Dad gave the doormat a final hoover. She woke up startled and ran upstairs to the bedroom, where she hid and refused to get out. Our Charlie is really scared for the vacuum cleaner & it took a while before she joined us again. Mom put her back into her basket and though she didn't stay there for long, she seemed calmer. Now that machine makes a lot of noise! No denying that but it's horrible to see her so afraid. Being unable to calm her or reassure her that it's ok and that loud thing will not hurt her. I imagined her saying back to me that it really does hurt.... her ears :D

Cats have extra sensitive ears I know. Only the one doormat had needed an extra clean and the vacuum cleaner got switched off quickly after that. All the food was ready to go & the table set for lunch. Now we just had to wait for the train to arrive at the station, which it did pretty soon. When my sister walked in, we hugged, had tea & talked talked talked. She always has SO much to tell us & it seems like a lifetime has passed since we last spoke on the phone.

As it was nearing time for lunch, we all went to the dining room & I lighted the stove. The salad was lovely, crunchy and sweet in flavor. My sister expressed the wish to make this one too and I gave her the recipe. If you would like to make it as well it's super simple:

- Equal amount of grated carrots and raw beetroots, we had 1/2 kilo.
- A handfull of raisins and equal amount of berries.
- Juice and peel of an organic lemon, a teaspoon of honey & a splash of olive oil.

Mix everything well and serve immediately so that the beetroot does not change the color of the carrot too much. We made the salad a bit earlier and the color was more solid as desired, but luckily it does not alter the taste in any way.

When the food had been eaten and the dishes washed, mom suggested going for a walk and my sister suggested going shopping for clothes. We did neither and enjoyed each other's company to the max.

More tea was served and a small chocolate for those who are allowed to eat it. Stories of events years ago remembered & time for some reason flew. Suddenly my Dad reminded us all of the hour and as the train would leave within 15 minutes & it is a short drive to the train station... Time to say goodbye for now & see you soon. It was a wonderful Saturday a real family day & I had a blast!

Had a good Saturday? Spend it with a family member or friend, your cat? Did you ever make a carrot and beetroot salad? Care to share the recipe? Or had something else happen you wish to share?

Best Wishes,
Jo's Daughter

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