vrijdag 10 januari 2014

Shopping, Smoking & a Suprise

Mom and I had sorted out our wardrobes & realized that most no longer fitted us. There is but one solution to that she mumbled, we have to go shopping... This sentence might not be uttered by most ladies, it was by both of us this week.

On no less than three occasions we dressed early, made a survival sandwich bag to go. Sighed deeply and allowed my Dad to drive us to town. Perhaps it's not such an ordeal as that. It's just that we really don't like to walk from shop to shop, going through everything. Try on dress after skirt, after pants after sweater. To end up with only two pairs of pants that fit me perfectly.

Mom couldn't find anything for her, Dad didn't locate that new sweater he needs & neither did I. So we will have to go again next week. Not looking forward to it at all. Our old clothes have already been donated & I hope that they will have found a good new home.

We did purchase a pretty card for our friends J&H. Plus a small wooden house that will be smoking. Seen in this picture with our Charlotte checking it out. Then we were tired and with our survival food eaten. We went for a cup of tea, at a simple place above the shops. It was really busy in town as it had a temporary skating ring & ferice wheel. Many children and lots of music there.

My father took a few pictures of me underneath the Ferrice wheel, but they did not turn out well. On some I was not visible at all, as a "joke" I send one of those to my sister. I added the question, can you see me? She replied by asking if I was on the Ferrice wheel & I told her: no I stood on the ground underneath. Never mind, it was a cold grey day. I probably didn't look my best anyway. We decided to go home & warm up a bit.

We sure did just that when Mom lighted some incense in our new wooden smoke house (not sure what the proper word is for that) see pictures. The little house is made of wood with a small copper pipe as a chimney. If you lift the house up there is a metal circle in which you place a small incense cone that's lid. Put the house back on and watch the chimney smoke :D How cute is that, I love it and took some great pictures to show you.

For dinner we had homemade hutspot, a typical Dutch winter meal & then we relaxed on the couch as much as we could. I always tire immensely from going to town. So many people and sounds, impressions. Not used to it anymore after spending most my time in the village where Pale Rose stands ;)

In the evening the doorbell rang twice and as we were not expecting anyone we wondered who it was. It was the mailman & handed my father a small parcel, containing 4 tins of vegetables and a little cookbook. About a fortnight ago I wrote to a vegetable producer as I was a bit unhappy about one of their products. They wrote me back that my letter will be taken in consideration& as a small thank you they send me these gifts. What a wonderful surprise! We normally have their frozen vegetables, as they have no other things added. But these tins can be turned into a farmers stew the recipe book says. So I'll be trying that stew maybe next week or so, I think it was a lovely gesture :)

Have you been shopping this week? Managed to find what you needed? Or just got a little something fun, like a smoke house? Where you surprised by a nice gesture? Or had something else happen you wish to share? Please do!

All the best,
Jo's Daughter

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