maandag 6 januari 2014

Three Cheers at Epiphany

January the Sixth today & as always we celebrate Three Kings Day here at the cottage where my Dad is King this year. He got the hidden bean, but for some reason refused to pose with his crown for a snapshot on my blog. Just kidding, we didn't make a crown anymore as all of us are grown. The tradition of the bread remains & it's one we all cherish...

This year was a bit different though. We baked on the fifth of January. I know, it's the old fashioned Twelfth Night & back in the day the Three Kings bread, called a Twelfth Night cake was served with a pea inside. So it still counts I say :) I assisted a bit in the kitchen and together we had a lot of fun when Mom, once again baked us a fabulous sweet bread.

Filled with raisins and spices, oh the smells dancing through Pale Rose's kitchen were absolutely delicious!! Sadly I cannot post them here, the pictures are as much a treat and they have turned out good too. The first one is our "King" holding the bread as it came out of the oven and had cooled a little. The others of the baking pan and the Spelt flour we used this time. It was super elastic and hard to shape right. Mom's hand stuck together and it was a messy job I didn't envy her ;) I read on the internet that what we call Three Kings day, is called the Epiphany... So Happy Epiphany Day to you all who celebrate!

This picture above is the bread standing beside the flowers we got from my sister on New Year's Eve. Lillie's and baby's breath, those lillies will smell divine I think. Below is my mom cutting or slicing the bread into beautiful slices. Difficult as it was a round bread and really high. The slices did not fit on our regular plates, only on the big dining plates we have. I didn't mind, as it tasted great.

I don't think we ever had a better bread then this one! So three cheers where heard at our table, well it was me that cheered. As Mom said we still had much of the bread left for tomorrow :D When it was evening we lid a candle, inside a wreath of ivy. In the background you can see our felted bowl, with a pretty card we got in the mail picturing the three kings and a star.

We had a cup of tea and a chat, just like we did a few days ago when Mom & me visited my friend S. She had invited us for tea & we were happy to go and wish her well in the New Year. Candles where lid and it was as cozy as ever. Here's a picture of her cute teacup and the tea we had. It tasted really fresh and delicious, so I shall look for it in the shops.  
My mom had never been to visit S's beautiful home, so now she could admire it and see what I was always talking about. Then the Christmas tree still stood, but today at our own home the last string of miniature lights will burn brightly for the last time. Though in December it will shine again at Pale Rose Cottage.

Are you celebrating 3 Kings day today? Baked bread, or cake? Found the bean? Or are you celebrating Twelfth Night? Do share! Would love to hear what you've been up to...

Best Wishes,
Jo's Daughter

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