vrijdag 17 januari 2014

Winter Pleasures

Winter makes me wonder about all those little pleasures you can indulge in at home. Like making a steaming cup of tea, reading your favorite book from childhood (Little Women) yet again. Decorating the nature table with a bit of extra color for King Winter. Writing letters to loved ones and spending time in the kitchen...

We are growing garden cress for lunch. Now we all know that if you sew them today, you cannot have them for lunch a few hours later ;) But soon we will be able to enjoy it with perhaps a slice of tomato and brown bread. Like my mom’s home baked sourdough rye.

She baked us two delicious brown rye breads & I can assure you they tasted delicious. I helped her a bit in the kitchen by weighing the salt and flour quantities & pre-heating the oven. The rest of the baking process was her job she said & as my mom is a fantastic bread baker I just kept her company. She kneaded and folded and kneaded again. I took a few photo’s for you to see & when it was set to proof she was sore from all that kneading. Mom didn't say a word but I know her and realized that her musscles got extra sore.

It had become pretty cozy at the cottage as the heating was turned up, the scent of bread floated through the air & we chatted while we waited for the oven bell to ring. I suggested making another cup of tea and made a pot of our “daily medicine”. A combination of fresh gingerroot and nettle tea. It tastes really good and it’s healthy for people who suffer from rheumatics and such, we try to have a cup or two each day. To see if it will help with her pain. It’s too early to tell if it sooths the aches but it’s worth a try. Though I did not expect it to help immediatly. I volunteered for kitchen clean-up and took care of the dishes so far. 

We had to keep an eye on the breads so we drank our tea in the diningroom, while I worked a bit in the kitchen. Charlotte was having a lot of fun with her wool boll & ran around us and the table. Time passed pleasantly at the cottage.

The breads turned out great, they smelled divine. Even better news,they tasted absolutely amazing with butter and honey. I know because I tried and approved of the greatly before anyone else ;) Lots of air bubbles and not as heavy as you might expect rye to be. That must be thanks to the sourdough and all that kneading!

How have you been this week? Baked any bread? Used sourdough? Grow garden cress in the kitchen? Drink nettle and ginger tea for the aches? Just for the flavor? Decorated your nature table some more? Or had something else happen you care to share? Please do!
See you next time here at Pale Rose,
Jo’s Daughter

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