maandag 17 februari 2014

A February Day of Spring

Springtime is often announced by bulbs & we have plenty of those here at the cottage. Most are still hidden in our garden, needing to popped their heads out from the soil. Some are very visible and beautiful, standing in the living room. Yes, we got loads new this year and they are hyacinths, daffodils and grape hyacinths...

Absolutely delightful! They promise delicate blooms and happiness. Which is always good. Something else that's really good is that the scan I had made was perfectly ok. Everything normal so nothing to worry about. *SIGH* Still don't know why I'm getting those headaches so, maybe the new doctor will be able to find the problem and fix it. The waiting list is long :( Speaking about long waits, it's a lot of days till Easter!
It is many many days away, yet I have been thinking about it already. In the shops you see many chicks, bunnies and colorful eggs appearing. So my thoughts turned to how to decorate the cottage this year. Simplicity is always best & also preferred here at Pale Rose. Therefor the dressed up animals and grinning eggs statues stayed in the shops.

We like our own homemade happiness better anyway. It's way better to look at something you have made with love and care, rather than purchased with money. So we are going to felt our own Easter eggs. Which is going to be a lot of fun, my mom is really good at felting. She made us a lot of beautiful things from a bit of wool. Including our mother Earth and the root children. These where her first needle felt creations & I think they are adorable!

We ate a lot of fruit this week. When we were shopping for fruit and veg, they had some lovely Kiwi fruits and oranges. Dad and I ate the kiwi fruits, as mom's allergic to those now. She had a few oranges instead. Oranges are usually orange, not all of them are orange though. There is such a thing as a blood red orange, aptly named blood orange & tasting delicious I can tell.

For I treid some too and besides having a gorgeous color they are also juicy and sweet in flavor. I really liked them and took this pretty picture for you to see. Pretty cool huh? So I've been busy reading my book, finishing it and planning to go to the library. Didn't go, first a sore head. Next a storm with loads of wind so driving looked less appealing. Next our beautiful cupboard needed fixing, some unwanted damage we quickly tried to control... Seams like something came up all the time. Oh well, maybe soon I'll get a new book to read.  

Spend the "sudden spare" time with Mom, going through her keepers card-box. You know, all the postcards we got over the years with beautiful pictures or words of affection. We looked at them again, reread them & so many memories!! One of them is a card we once got in the mail from our friend J. It has a bird on the front and the words: Friendship is sending each other a card. The picture above is the envelop in which it came not too long ago. Which is also lovely and therefor I took a picture of it, now I can show you aswell ;)

So how is your weekend been? Went to the library? Ate lots of fruit? Blown away by the wind? Got a card in the mail, or looked at some old ones? Tell me everything!!

Until next time,
Jo's Daughter

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