dinsdag 25 februari 2014

Comforts of Home

Home is one of my favorite words as it holds so much meaning. My cat Charlotte sleeping on the chair making a soft squeaky noise when she inhales. The teapot dancing on a flame, promising a cup of nettle tea. Mom busy knitting socks...

Only a single car driving passed as you glance into the street. Sunlight streaming through the windows, warming my face. All adding up to that coziness that is Pale Rose Cottage. Don't you just LOVE being home? I sure do! Things got even better when mom and me went into the kitchen & started a new recipe for Lentil spread. It sounded absolutely delicious and I intended to write the recipe down in our keepers book if we loved it. You know, that recipe book in which we write all the dishes we made, adored and want to eat again and again :)

So many of the recipes I wrote into this recipe book are no longer on our menu. Changing the way we eat due to allergies, diabetes and food intolerance issues has been a big change. But we have always been creative and continue to explore new things. Like a Lentil spread which would be like a bread-spread. If you don't eat meat, fish, cheese, hagelslag, peanut-butter or jelly... What can you eat on bread besides fruits or vegetables. Maybe a spread made from both?! We had some glass jars that I had collected for the recycling station, I quickly cleaned them up and thought they would come in handy when the bread spread was made. The recipe stated that you cooked lentils mixed them with mango and other things to create a paste. So we got cooking, Dad took care of the floor and hoovered it, so conversation was not going well due to the noise. But as our livingroom became sparkling once more, the lentils brewed. Time passed quickly as it does when you are contend.
We don't know what went wrong in this recipe but it became a fruity veg dish instead of something to put on a sandwhich. I double checked the instructions but nothing had been left out or altered in any way. To make this story short, it's NOT something I will copy for our personal recipe collection :(

The taste was fine, good and lovely. So now we had the vegetables sorted for our warm meal of the day. I looked in the fridge and we had some cooked potatoes that needed to be used. So I sliced them up and baked them to go with the lentil dish. Which, like I said, tasted ok but just wasn't something to go on top of a sandwich & couldn't be used as a spread either as it was rather chunky. We did have it for dinner with the baked potatoes which are always nice but today brought a particular smile to my face as I flipped some and discovered this, see picture above.
The other red lentils from the package sat on the kitchen counter for a while & then mom said, let's turn them into our Lentil Pate. Which we did, well mom did most of the work. I set the oven, found the recipe and kept her company while she worked away. Was feeling a bit tired and being lazy I confess. Mom's pate turned out pretty fabulous, see photo. Isn't that the most beautiful thing ever?!!! Tasted amazing as well, I know because we all shared a slice as a little tea-time treat :D

Something else that made me laugh and tg]hink to myself that home is the best place in the world, Charlotte being a bit naughty and stealing a ball of mom's sock yarn. She ran around with it, had loads of fun & seconds later as I wanted to take her picture. Spit it out, resulting in this shot above. How cute is that!

How's your day been? Ate a great meal? Cooked lentils perhaps? Ever made a bread-spread that did work out & want to share the recipe with us??? Are you knitting socks like mom or have something else on the knitting needles? Tell me all about it!

Best Wishes,
Jo's Daughter

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