dinsdag 11 februari 2014

Dad's Birthday Bash

Happy Birthday Dad, I called out early yesterday morning. Carrying a card, a BIG smile & a wriggling Charlotte. Who did not seem to understand why she had to be disturbed during her sleep, picked up & cuddled at this hour. Because it was a special day!! My father added another year to his life and there would be a family celebration everyone had been looking forward to…

Mom and me hopped into the kitchen after a shared breakfast, to bake a cake. You probably remember that we cannot eat any sugar or chocolate or anything else that tastes really good but isn’t the healthiest of choices. So for a while mom had been checking out recipes that we could bake and all eat.

That is pretty tricky, most require a lot of ingredients that you don’t normally have in your storage cupboard and which we would have to buy in a specialist-shop.

As we wanted to plan this party on a budget, we searched on for allowed treats. I also looked on the internet, as loads can be found there & made a few notes.

We talked freely about what we would make when Dad went to the post office and settled on Banana and Oat Cookies with Raisins & a Shoepatchers cake (schoenlappers taart) made with apples. Both are created without sugar and without butter, so we were excited to see how they would turn out on Dad’s day :)

Pretty fabulous, look wise. The cake was nice and golden brown, the cookies actually looked like cookies and appeared to be crunchy, which is good. I had high hopes that they would be a hit at this party that was about to start. See pictures above :)

My sister came at about 10am, everything was ready for our family only Birthday Bash, sadly my sisters boyfriend couldn't make it. I had dressed with care in a grey-blue and cream outfit with ruffles, Mom was in fuchsia and navy, Dad in cobalt blue & my sister had black and floral pale blue. It all blended really well, as do our personalities :)

We chatted, hugged, chatted some more and next had a cup of tea and a slice of that shoepatchers cake. Made with apple sauce, cinnamon and rusk. It was delightful I think, nothing like a cake as it was soft. But the spicy apple taste I really enjoyed.
Dad got to open an electric raiser, three beautiful sweaters, sausages with fennel, some balm & a spoken book which is really great. We get to enjoy that as well ;) 
He also got several cards, including a mystery card. It's a nice card, a kind wish inside but no name. So who send it? We still don’t know and it’s something you wonder about when you glance at it...

Time goes incredibly fast when you are having a good time so in between conversation and laughter we had dinner, Beetroot and carrot salad with berries and lemon. First I asked Dad what he wanted to eat, but he couldn't make his mind up & so we surprised him. Dad's Always happy with whatever we cook or bake & doesn't mind all the girly printed tablecloths, dishes or cups we use. With three ladies in the house he's become rather comfortable with floral, vintage and feminine knick-knacks. Even on his own Birthday, you're so cool Dad!! There was more tea and those banana cookies. We ate a bowl of blueberries which matched my outfit perfectly :D

Later we had some strawberries, they were not Dutch strawberries which in my mind are the best, but they tasted sweet & it felt special to all of us. More stories got shared, I showed my sister some of the crafts I made since I saw her last & then it was evening already. Birthdays are often too short aren’t they? This one was really great though!! With lots of lovely things to eat & so much enjoyable conversation/moments. We all agreed on that. Let’s have another one just like it next year, I'd say :)  

Do you enjoy Birthdays? Like to make your own goodies for such an occasion? What do you bake? Ever made a shoepatchers cake? Got a mystery B-day card? Found out who it was from.... Tell me everything!
Best Wishes,
Jo's Daughter

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