vrijdag 21 februari 2014

Felting Falafel & Such Fun

In a brown paper bag in the attic we had kept our beautiful hand dyed sheepswool. Some of it we bought at a natural crafts shop in town. The blue, pinks and yellow we got as a gift. From the mother of my sister's boyfriend. She makes these colors herself, isn't that awesome. The wool was placed for safe keeping in said bag in the attic, because our Charlotte loooooooves wool :D 

If you would be unsure if a yarn or garment is made from wool you just ask her to take a look. In less than two seconds you will have your answer, as she goes into "hunting-mode". Charlotte is a bit of a wild girl, in comparison to the cats we had before her. She's passionate about wool & I became that as well this week, when Mom and me needle felted some animals for our nature table.

I had not done this before and when I spotted a small book about it in the library, I felt the creative juices starting to flow ;) I read the instructions and looked at all the images, yet the chosen animals did not fit my idea of what would be complementary to our table. I wanted to keep the animals true to the animal species that would be around in this part of the world. The panda bear was cute, the giraffe lifelike, yet placing them next to daffodils or Mother Earth seemed a tiny bit odd to me.

Needle felting is a lot of fun, in the beginning it didn't seem to go very well. I intended to make a cat but it became a rabbit. Which was also nice if not completely different to my initial idea. I guess this type of crafting was a good way for me to be less perfectionistic and just go with it. When I allowed the wool to become the animal it had inside, things went a lot better :)

So I created a small owl chick, for which I later built a nest out of twigs. Mom helped me a bit with the eyes, having a second opinion is good when you have been staring at your work for a while. Wondering what needs tweaking, to make it more realistic. I also created a baby hedgehog which starts to curl itself up. When I was a child we once found three orphan hedgehogs in our garden. I helped Mom and Grandma rear them by hand. It is a great memory and making this little one brought it back to me vividly.
All this creativity going on at Pale Rose made me hungry. I rather liked mom's suggestion that we would make some falafel and a quick salad to go with pita bread. While we chatted some more about needle felting and what animals we could make next time, our hands kept busy. In minutes the first falafel where frying and the scent flowing through the cottage was lovely. As was the meal we shared together.  Here's that hedgehog I mentioned, mom is holding it for me when I take a picture of it. This one does not have those sharp pins, so no need to be careful with this one.

Below a picture of my baby owl, isn't it a sweetheart?! I sure think so. My friend S who loves owls might want to take him home. Sadly for her I'm keeping him for our own spring display, sorry S ;) I really liked the hedgehog, Mom the rabbit and Dad said the owl looked good... Which one is your favorite?
How's your day been? Had fun being creative with wool? Cooked falafel lately and had them with a pickle salad? Ever started a craft project & had it turn into something better then imagined? Do tell!!!

Best wishes,
Jo's Daughter

3 opmerkingen:

  1. Oh, what did you created lovely animals, they all are so cute!
    You made them beautiful, a great compliment for you!
    It is a nice activity to do, I think!

  2. Thank you so much!! It IS a really fun way to be creative :)

  3. Ahh nice indeed ;) Though you gave me another soft owl I really like :D


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