vrijdag 14 februari 2014

Happy Valentine News?

Dressing up in floral prints & decorating my room with everything girly and soft pink is fun any day. Adding those extra bits for Valentine is even better.  So I got to it this morning & added my bird-line (see below) Reading yet another one of my favorite historical novels, I came to realize that I'm a hopeless romantic who was born too late...

In the fifties pastels where everywhere, this (last?) year I spotted an awful lot of bright neon things. That I didn't care for myself. Not that I wish for the 1950's, no if I can pick a time or an era I would go back even further. Because even in the 1900's chivalry was already soo dead. 

No guy takes the time to woo a lady nowadays if TV gives you a correct interpretation. Let alone surprise her with some prose or offer a truly listening ear, perhaps an arm to wrap around her shoulder if she's in distress. Holding a door open for her to walk through first... Did that ever really happen, or is it another girls dream written down on paper, turned into a movie. Mistaken for the truth, rather than make-believe. Perhaps today I shall get a glimpse of that old-fashioned "politeness" at the hospital ;)
The hospital? I hear you ask, well I had a scan made of my head. As you might know I have constant headaches & my doctor ordered a scan to see what's going on inside. I'm hopeful for good news, happy news, so I'm not too worried. The physician might truly listen to my complains, and should I have a bit of a melt-down (which I'm not expecting) give me a watery reassuring smile.  Maybe not, I guess I am in a bit of strange mood this Valentine's Day. Hopeful, wistful, nervous though I shouldn't be. Just forget all the stuff I said above....
Probably will feel a lot better when I had another cup of tea with Mom. We already had one in our floral cups. I really like those teacups, they have small imperfections with the print. Some have only big roses, other cup and saucers have little flowers too. They didn't cost a lot of money back then, because of the flaws. Oh well, perfection is seriously over rated & I love these charming mistakes that make them so unique!

Something else that isn't perhaps unique but rather charming is our line of flying birds, cranes to be exact. From a few brown paper bags I have cut our squares & folded origami cranes. Used a tutorial I found on the internet & after trying it a few times, realizing this particular set of instructions was wrong. Managed to somehow, don't ask how can't remember, create cranes. Or birds that resemble them anyway ;) It was so fun to do and a great recycling project. Our Charlotte loved them sooooo much, they appeared to be super yummy. Therefor I strung them on a piece of thread, added a few small beads to keep them in place & created a string of flying cranes, it now hangs in front of the window in my room. Well out of reach of little paws and sharp teeth. We rather like it, how about you?! 
Keeping it short today as I'm watching the clock for my doctor's appointment. Don't have any romantic or exciting plans this Valentine. Didn't get any cards either (yet?), but I have send one out: to my sister. It was just too fabulous to leave in the shop & she is a dear so, why not?!

How are you celebrating this day? Making a nice meal? Got a cute card or a small gift? Going somewhere special? Tell me all about it, would love to know!

See you soon here at Pale Rose Cottage,
Jo's Daughter

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  1. Happy Valentine's Day, love! I hope your headaches go away soon. I get migraine sinus headaches and they could put me down for 2 days. Tonight, I will be staying home with a good book and green tea.

    1. Hope you had a happy Valentine aswell Katherine! The book & tea sound great :) Had some ginger and green tea a couple of days ago. Now you have "inspired" me to make another pot.


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