vrijdag 7 februari 2014

Painting a Portrait

They say that a picture is worth a thousand words & I take a lot of pictures with my camera. It makes weird noises, it does not get clear images all the time & it refuses to zoom in. Yet it always captures bits and pieces of our lives here at Pale Rose & the members of my family. Which is great! For some reason I don't print them out and have them on display all over the cottage. Not sure why...
It doesn't matter really. The point I wanted to make is that I do enjoy looking at images of say, Charlotte. I consider her the most beautiful of cats. So I decided to paint her portrait, by using a scrap of linen fabric and some embroidery yarn. The outline of her shape was simple to make. It is a basic cat shape, her intricate patter of patches had to be spot on.... ;D

I asked her to pose for me on several occasions but she was a bit shy and did not want to sit still for hours while I studied "the model". All those pictures I had already taken of her proved invaluable as I could see all her colors and it's correct placement. I didn't just want to embroider a calico cat, I wanted to embroider our cat! It needed to be a good likeness...

Spend a lot of time perfecting it this week, taking stitches out and re-doing them. In the end it turned out wonderfully I think. But she looked a bit lonely on that piece of fabric to begin with & though Chloƫ Belle is no longer with us. I decided to include her in the picture and added a second silhouette.

Her appearance is less detailed but equally stunning. Her white coat was quickly completed. I added her Amber eyes and three tiny grey stripes on top of her head. They ware together again in this project as they are in our hearts. What do you think? Is it a good replica of our Apple Charlotte & her sister.

Making this craft I enjoyed myself, I was a bit emotional but that's ok sometimes. I think it turned out good and have purchased a small embroidery hoop, in which I wish to frame the girls. Got an extra as well, because I think it would be nice to make another portrait of our beloved first two cats whom we lost a few years ago.

I have a lot of photos of them too & it's a shame but we do not look at them all the time. For tears are often close. When I'm feeling strong and determined I hope to make them into an embroidered image too & hang them besides C&C. To be continued I believe.

With so much time going into my crafting, I made some quick and healthy little meals for myself. I snacked on avocado's for lunch & made also a mushroom, lemon and lettuce stir-fry to go with my goats cheese rice crackers. Cooking got on a low heat, as the crafting bug took over this week. Plan to make some delicious food soon though.
As it will be my father's birthday on Monday & I hope to make it special :) Loads of plans already but it's still all a secret. I know you can keep it to yourself, but I'm hesitant to share stuff here. Dad reads my blog too you see... Promise to tell you all about it later!

How has your week been? Doing crafty things? Ever made a portrait of your pet? Had simple healthy food ideas for lunch? Or any other things you want to share with me? Please do!

Until next time,
Jo's Daughter

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