vrijdag 28 februari 2014

Simplicity is Best

At Pale Rose cottage, we ALL love the simple things in life. I thought to share a few with you today. We picked some flowers to put in a vase for our coffee table. Mom knows exactly what they are called, but right now I'm struggling to recall it. Can't ask her as she's busy right now writing to our friends J+H. They are a gorgeous yellow, look cheerful and Charlotte adores them (as do I) :D
It's been really "noisy" in the village today, as people are getting ready to celebrate Carnaval. Sirens go of, music is playing, children scream in delight. Something our cat Charlotte doesn't appreciate too much :( She's completely forgotten to play with the (two remaining) flowers. Doesn't want to be distracted in any way & is hiding under my bed... I hope she will soon calm down again and sit with us as usual. Perhaps the handful of yellow flowers she took of the branch will later be fun and interesting again. The branch in the vase is looking bare, but to me that doesn't really matter. Charlie had a lot of tun & I did too watching her :)
Couple of years ago I made a paper sign for my mom, as a little surprise. I crafted it in a jiffy from recycled materials. Secretly hung it up one day when Mom had been out doing the weekly shop. She was happy to see it & liked this little surprise so much, that she's kept it. Every once in a while it comes out of the drawer :) It says: Live simply, live well & it has a red heart in the middle. It was just a quick something to make her smile. Never would have guessed it would continue to do so *happy sigh*.
With loads of cooking going on at the cottage, making pots and pots of tea... It resulted in a few small, I'd say character building stains. Still this faded paper sign is on display at the blackboard in our kitchen as we speak. Made me smile too today, as I was busy going through our recipe books. I was looking for the instructions to make our lunch.
We had eggplant, zucchini, tomatoes, parsley and other things in the "pantry". Mom asked me to make my French Ratatouille & I really liked that idea a lot. We have been collecting recipes for years. Checking all the handwriting, I'm probably the fourth or fifth generation doing this. So you can imagine that it will be tricky to locate a family favorite. As we have so many favorite dishes to choose from! Aren't we lucky? ;)

I did find the recipe relatively quick and have made us this dish for lunch/dinner. We always prefer to eat the warm meal in the afternoon. Now that I'm typing this we have enjoyed it already & perhaps notable as well, the dishes are all done. Therefor Dad and I have plenty of time to go out to the library. It's closing a few days in regard to Carnaval and I would not care to be without reading material in the weekend. As there will not be a show on TV that holds my interest, I hope to read in the evenings.

There are a bunch of books on my keepers shelves, but I have read these already and would like something new. Oh, my Dad is putting on his shoes & is asking if I'm ready to go. Yes I am!! It's a rather short post today, sorry about that. Hope to get back to you soon. With more pictures and fun stories, as usual.

Until that time, I wish you all the best. Tell me everything that's going on at your place!! Celebrating Carnaval? Made a French dish for dinner today? Have flowers on your table? Or plan to go to the library? Any particular book you're hoping to borrow?

Best Wishes,
Jo's Daughter

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