zaterdag 1 februari 2014

Sun Dried Colors & a Governess

This beautiful sky we spotted on our evening stroll, isn't it simply magical?! It was a cold evening for a walk I thought, but mom disagreed. She mentioned that after being inside the cottage for such a long time, I probably wasn't used to it :) Truly have been spending a lot of hours at Pale Rose, cooking some food & reading many books...

I tackled my TBR pile which wasn't that BIG to begin with. Just counted a good nine novels & I am now down to the last one. When I was worrying a lot about Mom's health issues, I got the idea that a story was the ticket to get my mind of things.

It's a different world, a distraction and maybe entertaining too. Sometimes it didn't go all that smoothly, most of the time it took me away. On two occasions I even gave up sleep to find out what happened next or how the story ended, always happily.

Wasn't it George R.R. Martin who said Sleep is good, Books are Better... Have to agree on that this week. They certainly helped me a lot and didn't allow for any nightmares to take over ;) Oh almost forgot, I got this pretty card from J (picture above), isn't it lovely?! For an image with a lot of black in it, there is also so much light. Kind of how it felt for me too, sad and worried but having a good time in between as well...

I made a sundried tomato cous cous salad for dinner. This was the second time I cooked with sundried tomatoes. The first time was not anything worth mentioning. We had the dry dried tomatoes. You know, those hard ones & I forgot to soak them...

Oops! Quickly moving on from that disaster, I now had the sundried tomatoes in oil. Much, much better and combined with the cous cous. The cinnamon, tofu and raisins it was a delightful dish.

We added a carrot salad, as this recipe didn't specify what to combine it with I led Mom decide. A winning combination I think, it's one that will be saved for later.

How are you? Saw some gorgeous skies on your evening stroll? Cooked with cous cous or with sundried tomatoes? Had a week of relaxed reading & finished your TBR pile? Any other fun events taking place at your home? Do tell!!

Until next time,
Jo's Daughter

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