woensdag 5 maart 2014

Baking Blue news Away

It's been a strange week here at Pale Rose, the village got ready to celebrate Carnaval. Flags, balloons and silly costumes popped up everywhere. Cheery bright colors surrounded us, jolly music in the shops, yet we (my family) felt sad. Not because of the Carnaval parade (of which we take no part), but we got a call from a relative that was rather upsetting...
My mom's Aunt has passed away at the beautiful age of 94 years old. We will soon be attending her cremation :( Though we all know that not many people reach this age, and everyone says: oh that's really old... I bet that if the number had been 120, we would still be feeling a bit blue.
With her passing SO many memories came up & the conversation at teatime was one of "Remember when..." I personally found that I wasn't just upset about the loss of mom's Aunt, but also of Grandma's sister. In a slightly strange way, that part of my beloved grandmother is now no longer & before it was. Does that make sense to you, difficult to put this feeling in English.

To take our mind of things & take care of dinner at the same time. Mom and me popped into the kitchen to make a Lentil Pate. See pictures above. Dad joked that when life gave us Lemons we made Lentil Pate, instead of Lemonade ;) Though he tried to lift the mood, we all were not feeling a hundred percent, as is expected/normal. Here's a picture of a slice of our pate, it turned out rather firm and the recipe is fabulous.

We have made it twice now in a very short amount of time. I had hoped to tell you ALL about it & maybe inspire others with food-intolerance issues like ours. Can't really concentrate, sorry hopefully better next time. The pate uses a bit of "leftover" bread and lentils & some other things. Bakes in the oven and while you do the dishes, get rid of a tear or two... A Vegetarian Delight is created.
I know it tastes delicious, though right now I don't recall all those amazing flavors. The words of this post are not as positive, entertaining and fun, as I would have liked. You will forgive me I'm sure. Hopefully we will all be in a cheery mood, not because of the Carnaval festivities happening all around. But because we will find a place for this and life at the cottage will go on as it normally does.

Something that DID make me smile & at the same time gave me some distraction is the book I got in the mail. In December last year I won a Mr Darcy book giveaway. Wanted to read that book ever since I saw it (read the back blurb I mean) Anyway, the mailman delivered it and I hope to read it soon. Yesterday I didn't have the focus and we just talked. Hopefully today I shall find it, for it does look rather good. Charlotte attempted to bite it. I quickly put a weight on it in the shape of my swan candleholder. I had taken this out of the cupboard earlier so that we could light a candle for mom's Aunt. It was a rather small candle... Now that we had a chance to pop to the shops there are proper candles waiting for the evening to come again.

Until next time,
Jo's Daughter

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