maandag 10 maart 2014

Catching Up on a Spring day

Mom and I went for a walk this week, the sun was out and warmed our faces. Still early in the day, so it was rather quiet outside. Many people have been enjoying the Carnaval and probably just got back to work, back to everyday life. Yet dozens of things reminded me about the fact that just a few days earlier three colors covered the village in which our cottage stands...

The decorations on all the homes, the many posters attached to lanterns & the confetti scattered on the streets. Plenty of ribbons and stray pieces of candy in or around the grass. I took a picture of it to show you, just as I was taking this photo a man walked up towards us. He got tasked to clean up all the remains of this elaborate party & asked me if we wanted to take the sweets home, or if it was ok to clean them up. We didn't have a proper chat, but I did mention to him that this photo was going to be on my blog. He wished me luck with it & us girls continued our walk. Though the sun was shining it still felt a bit chilly outside, but having said that... I felt a bit chilly inside the cottage aswell :) So I wrapped a stole around my shoulders while I chopped vegetables for our soup, later when I tidied up my craft closet I popped on an extra pair of socks & when evening came upon us. I topped this charming combination with a pink bath rope. No pictures of this interesting costume to show you. Felt a bit awkward but I did feel warm and that was the reason I combined it all in the first place ;)

My sister had invited us to come to her house on Saturday & I was super excited to go. Had not seen her for a long time. We do email and call on the phone, nothing beats the real thing does it?! I packed a few things I had collected for her & filled a jar with some of my homemade vegetable soup. It's been a couple of years just cooking for three people, yet somehow I always make too much food :) It all gets eaten because we don't like to waste good food. At times it's nice to not "have-to" create a complete meal from scratch. This time I took a big jam jar of it to my sister & she seemed to like it. She would go out for a day with her friend, visit a city together. Traveling so much by train she said, would make her hungry & therefor the soup was very welcome.

It felt really great to see Chloe again, she was at first a bit curious to see so many people come to her home. Soon we could all pet her and after we gave her a little treat she seemed to enjoy the company just as much as us humans did ;)

I played with Chloe-Belle and her felt boll a little, she's less playfull compared to our Charlotte. Just as loving and adorable!! Perhaps she was tired or not in the moodto play boll. Didn't matter as we now had more time to cuddle & aren't cat cuddles the best thing ever?! It's like embracing happiness or something of the sort...

Our family had tea together and we talked about a hundred different things. We went for a walk, we visited a shop & ate lunch together. I helped make a carrot salad with spicy soy cubes and rice. Dad had a meatball and gravy with it instead of the soy cubes. It was a simple meal that all of us preferred, as there would be less dishes and more time to catch up :D Oh, one thing that happened when we were out was that we saw a cat. It was laying very still and strangely angled on a prickly bush. It scared us a bit, as the cat looked lifeless. So we went to check it out, see if we needed to call for help...The cat was fine!Just sunbathing in a weird place, completely unaware of the spikes on the bush it lay down on. When we checked for a pulse the cat woke up, got a little bit frightened and moved on. I felt sorry to have disturbed the cat and at the same time really relieved it could walk away.

My sister continued to tell us the story about her work trip to a tomato grower. We had seen some pictures and heard the short version on the phone. Now I questioned her for details. She got to see the tomato-plants growing and watched the fruit being sorted. She had loads of information about different species of tomatoes & I could almost picture her day there. Sounded wonderful! My sister also tasted a few new to her tomato varieties, like a pink tomato that was super sweet in flavor & was, according to her, absolutely delicious. Sadly you cannot purchase those here in Holland, but they do grow here... which seemed a bit odd. I for sure would like to try them, oh well you can't have everything in life.

Time passed twice as fast and before I was ready to go, it was time to go home again. I know that my watch is working as it makes a sound & yet it felt as if we had gotten there but an hour ago. We just finished our evening sandwich with vegan cheese & a delicious fruit salad. (Strawberry and mango: Mmmmm.) So, I reluctantly agreed to pack my bag and put my shoes on. In two weeks' time I shall see her again, as we will be celebrating her Birthday together. So our goodbyes are temporary ;)

How's your weekend been? Had a good time? Cooked a nice meal? Went to visit someone? Drank a lot of tea? No need to be shy, tell me everything. Would love to know!

All the best,
Jo's Daughter

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