zaterdag 15 maart 2014

In a Pickle

Life often demands us to have courage. I realized that these last couple of days when things didn't go exactly as I would have liked. Several times I felt like I was in a pickle...
So why not have some as a healthy snack? That opportunity presented itself when I reorganized the pantry cupboard a bit, to check what we needed to purchase. Definitely NOT pickles, because I found a very BIG jar on the left side of the bottom shelf. When mom and dad did the shopping I stayed at home, had another pickle & admitted to myself that depression had set in a bit. Didn't like that :( !
I have not tried any new or exciting recipes. Haven't come up with plans to celebrate my sisters Birthday which is coming up soon. Didn't do any crafting, besides making a little something for J. Who is, as a matter of fact celebrating another birthday TODAY. Happy day dear friend!! :D

I took a deep breath & it was passed time to stop feeling sad. Or sorry for all the things that went wrong. A couple of very special women demonstrated with their actions to me (yet again) this week, that you have to find that courage & turn life around using your very own hands.
The next day I took that first small step by assisting my mom in her new crafting project. Making a felt purse from the pattern we spotted in our new library books. She had done all the knitting and sewing bits together, but her arms were sore. When I saw that her hands refused to coopperate, I took over and felted the bag for her.

As I was soaping away & making lots and lots of circling motions something happened. All that nervousness, stress & feeling uncomfortable with events that recently took place... Started to fade, when mom came to have a look how it was going she offered to take a picture of the purse. I wrote the words love you into the foam. Have yet to ask her if she noticed, but I guess it doesn't matter if she did or didn't.
We had one of those connected moments where language is not needed or even desired. Just being together makes you feel understood :) So I kept going until I was happy with the result, it could have been finished a bit sooner. But it felt good to be creating again, even if or perhaps because this was a shared thing. When the felted purse was completed it needed to dry and now three ladies had an input in this beautiful object. (See picture.) Our cat Charlotte did a little bit of extra felting => cat-style ;D
The sun was shining, the purse was drying, we all had tea & a weight had been lifted. Sometimes you have to literally work through things & crafting is something that has been helping me that way. I do feel inspired to start something new of my own choosing again. Perhaps I will be able to show it to you soon, here at Pale Rose. To be continued I'm sure :D Here is a picture of mom's finished Seapod Purse, isn't it darling? I sure think so!
How have you been? Eating pickles? Finding your courage? What are you creating? Do tell!
Jo's Daughter

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