zondag 16 maart 2014

St. Patrick

Aren't clovers absolutely wonderful? I sure think so!! Therefor I'm really happy that ours are still looking beautiful on St. Patricks day :) Happy St.Pats btw, almost forgot to say that. Guess I've been daydreaming a bit. We will not be doing anything special for this feast, but there IS something wonderful planned for this afternoon...
Well, I hope there is. After mom's been to the hospital, we shall go to a shop & see if they have anything fun for Easter. Would be lovely! I know, I know it's March seventeen and Easter is far away. But after hearing the birds sing in Pale Roses garden. Seeing daffodils bloom & walking underneath those blue cloud dotted skies.... I feel it's a thing close to my heart :)
I'll be keeping it short today, as I have to find a pair of less winter shoes in my closet. They are probably hiding at the back. My sturdy waterproof boots, super comphy, are blocking my view. First I'll have another cup of fennel tea, mom bought this packet of organic tea on sale & I have taken a fancy to it. Sweet and soothing, perfect for me. Not that I feel sad or like sobbing (anymore) about all the trees that they are cutting down in our village. It's said that they make room for growth. Personally I prefer the trees growing and oxygen flowing... Oh well, can't have it all your way. I have been much better today, especially after receiving such kind messages and a cute nesting doll card. Thank you so much ladies!!

Put of reorganizing my closet, seems like I will tackle this task now. It's not as if there is a lot to sort out. Just that it's in the attic and I like to be in the livingroom. Way more cozy and with such pleasant company :D Just Charlotte and me this morning, so I decided to get to work ;) I hear that the kettle is ready, bye for now. Hope to see you soon here at Pale Rose cottage & in the meantime... Tell me what's going on at your site of the computer, a green party perhaps? We have sowed some basil. Nothing green there at the moment, hopefully soon.

All the best,
Jo's Daughter

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