zondag 20 april 2014

Easter Greetings

How's your morning been? Found any eggs in your garden? I haven't, but as that was to be expected I was not disappointed at all ;) In fact I was very happy that we would just be cooking, quickly displaying & than eating our very own Easter eggs...
We didn't have any egg dye at the cottage & I briefly pondered going to get some yesterday. The supermarket has loads of things for Easter. Decided against it, you see one year we colored our eggs with natural food-dye. With onion skins, kurkuma, beetroot etc. The eggs simply turned out stunning!! Hard to go back to bright neon colors after that. Those are not our style, so we left them at the shop.

I confess that as Easter morning came closer, I realized that I didn't care to stand by the stove for long periods of time, making beautiful eggs for lunch. To make up for being a bit lazy, I sat rather comfortably at the kitchen table. Crafting our, what shall I call it? => Egg-container. Seen in the first picture of todays post.

I made this from the green cardboard box the eggs came in. Carefully cut up the top part to look like grass. Placed those strips in the bottom piece. Carefully placed some beautiful pastel paper flower pins around them. Those were a gift from J&H, thank you so much!! We stored this paper display as Charlotte loves egg cartons. Perhaps they have a special scent that attracts her. I'm not sure, but we kept it safe and sound till 7 am.

Today I added our cooked eggs. Quickly wrote Happy Easter on one, took a picture for you to see.
How pretty do they look in my handmade field of grass? I really like it and Mom +Dad do too, so that's good.

I had some delicious Matzes, which are an Easter-must in my book. Perhaps I will eat another one with my sister, who love these as well, or her boyfriend when they come over... Or I might have to eat the whole packet on my own if they says no. Luckily they are super light and not very filling ;) As are the egg candies on the coffee table. Here's one in an unusual, slightly artistic perhaps, shot.

For dinner we are keeping things simple too, a crunchy carrot salad with walnuts, new potatoes & mom's homemade herb butter. I'm not sure if we will be doing something special together. Maybe go for a short walk if the weather stays good. Or just talk, while Mom knits and Charlotte sleeps. I never feel like we have to do anything unique in order to have a good time. As we are always having a fabulous time together at the cottage :D Oh it's time for another cup of tea I hear...

Because it's Easter so the four of us at the Cottage want to wish you a very happy day!! We will be celebrating as a family & soon there will be six. Therefor I don't have a great deal of time to chat any more, that tea is sounding heavenly. Promise to be back here soon & in the meantime enjoy a picture of our living room shelf. Taken earlier and now less floral as the daffodils have faded, replaced by a bunch of dandelions on a sidetable. It's a late Easter this year, still spring is at its most beautiful :)

How's your Easter been so far? What are your plans? Doing something awesome? Making amazing food? Or keeping it simple like us... Do tell!!

See you soon, I hope, here at Pale Rose.
Jo's Daughter

2 opmerkingen:

  1. How nice you are here again!
    I am very happy!
    Take good care of yourself.
    Best wishes!

  2. Nice to see you here indeed! Hope we meet again soon :)
    Have a nice 2nd Easter day :D


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