zaterdag 26 april 2014


It's Kingsday today, well actually it's tomorrow. But as that is to be a Sunday, Holland celebrates it today :) I cannot remember the last time our country had a King, instead of a Queen. My whole life I celebrated Queensday and this year I will be celebrating Kingsday for the very first time. It feels a little special to me, so special in fact that I dressed a little Dutch for breakfast...
I pinned a felt tulip on my robe, it's a little Dutch touch and I like it simple. Many people dress in orange from head to toe. Even a few walking past our window this week, already displayed with pride an Orange item. They were children of course, still I do not care for the "oompah loompah look" myself. So I keep it plain and just plan to have the tulip pin clipped on my outfit. Festive enough for me :)

In the first photograph you can see our tins with orange breakfast sprinkles. They have pictures of the Royal family on them. Off course the sprinkles are made of sugar... So not so good for your health :)

You can get loads of orange things in the shops but besides the sprinkle tind, we only got a few W's that convieniantly can be flipped and turn into M's. The initials of our King and Queen, Willem-Alexander & Maxima. Hope they taste as good as they look & are worth the treat I really "shouldn't" have this afternoon ;)

Besides treating myself to a few of these party snacks, I haven't got any special plans. We are not having a party at Pale Rose cottage. It is a special day but we don't go orange mad. I'm thinking abbout doing some sewing or maybe if the weather is good walk through the garden. It's looking pretty at the moment. In the local newspaper they said that there would be a Vrijmarkt, in which people could sell there secondhand items on a rug in the streets... But they printed the wrong information, as it was to be held in 2012 & I believe it to be 2014 this year. Also they forgot to mention where & if it would be, and today or tomorrow. As it cannot be on the 30th, that was the old Queensday. It was probably all too new & in the excitment the newspaper did not notice the little mistake. No matter, we will have fun at Pale Rose without the street sale.

Nothing elaborate planned at our cottage, just the homemade happiness. Maybe a nice meal, drink tea & a good talk. Like every other day of the year. Tomorrow we will watch a DVD, that we got from our friends J&H. It's a collection of homemovies involving the Dutch royals. Sounds good doesn't it!!

Are you doing anything special today? Are you dressing orange in honor of the royals? Keeping it simple like us? Tell me everything... Would love to know!

Until next time,
Jo's Daughter

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