dinsdag 6 mei 2014

Clouds & Poetry

I like watching clouds :D I remember laying down on the grass as a child and trying to spot elephants or sheep. Clouds are never the same & cannot possibly bore me...
In fact seeing plenty of clouds during my walk to the Doctor, they inspired me to write a (very) short rhyme. Here it is, along with some great cloud pictures I took over the years. Because the clouds today stuck together & blocked the blueness of the sky. Not as beautiful as these, I find.

Watching clouds, in all their moods.
Their everchanging form and attitutes.

White to black, grey to blue. A touch of piercing yellow.
Wild, untamed or simply decieving mellow.

Appearing alone, quickly they rush towards a hug.
Moving fast across the heavens, are they ever stuck?

So beautiful & calming, they fill me with wonder.
Washing away my fears and the days silly ponder.

Oh how I long to be amongst them, floating in air.
Drifting weightless, pointless with crazy swirling hair.

Touching clouds must be like touching life itself, I believe.
Has that as thus been done, by anyone achieved? 

Often I watch the clouds, in every single mood.
It makes my heart grow light and happiness exudes.

Do you like clouds aswell? Have fond memories as a child of watching the clouds? What animals did you look for? Make poems about them? Care to share....

Best wishes,
Jo's Daughter

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