donderdag 1 mei 2014

Felt Good

So much happened in such little time, that I needed a moment or two for myself. When your head is full, your creative heart stayes silent & so few projects from my crafting closet took shape. Until now, and what better day to tell you about it all, than on this merry first day in May...
This week I have been without pain for several days :) I sighed in relief, noticed the absence of worry & took the oppertunity. Or the first bag of crafting supplies better said to hand ;) Crafting felt fabulous again, especially when I did it with my mom.

I needlefelted a white swan, when I started to create a shape I had intended to make a squirrel. Alas it was not meant to be, within minutes I realized that the white woolen shape was the body of a regal swan. Instead of a foraging squirrel. The red wool stayed in it's paper bag & I took out a bit of yellow for the beak. This would be a great addition to our collection of needle felted animals I hoped.

In the meantime Mom was cutting out a paper "mobile" , that was going to turn into a Maypole with 4 dancing children around it. Her hands got sore & my thump was also aching a bit. I had accidentally stapped myself with the needle, during a moment of distraction. We called it a day & finished our projects a bit later.

The last hand was lend to the May dancers this morning & I took a picture of it to show you all :) Aren't they gorgeous these pastel colored children, with their green headdresses & toes firmly planted in the grass?! I absolutely love them.

The swan I made is pretty too, if I may say so myself. Looking at our new projects from the chair, sipping a cup of green tea + cranberry... I admitted to myself that it felt good to have a new something pretty in our cottage to look at & enjoy!

What have you been doing this week? Something creative, like felting an animal or making a paper Maypole like us? Tell me everything! Would love to know :D

Jo's Daughter

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