vrijdag 29 augustus 2014


Tea is drank here at Pale Rose cottage liter after liter. For some reason the teapot is always full and ready to pour. Not that we mind it in the slightest, cause we love our cuppa :) Like CS Lewis, we can never get a cup of tea large enough to suit us. When our teacups were full, conversation started & Mom and I sat cozy together in the kitchen...

dinsdag 26 augustus 2014

Durum, Dolls & Doing my Nails

When you live in a cottage the small size of Pale Rose & are on a matching budget. It's important to watch your wallet and plan meals according to the season, thus the price. Being thrifty might be nessesary, it can also be a challange that's a lot of fun...

zaterdag 23 augustus 2014

Needlefelted Globes & Knitting Away


Me and Mom watched one of my DVD's today, we opted for Julie & Julia. A great film with lots of beautiful pots, pans and other fun kitchen accesories. When you watch a favorite film a second time, there are so many things you has not noticed the first time round. So I rather enjoyed looking at all those details and the brief glances of a French market...

maandag 18 augustus 2014

a Friendly visit & Raisin loafs

My friend S. came to visit me this week. Because I've been ill we have not seen much of one another. So when she came on her bicycle, with a bunch of sunflowers. A box of fresh fruit, blueberries plus melon & a packet of tea. It almost felt like Christmas had come early. The same exiting butterfly flutters in your stomach & oh what a wonderful day it is feelings ;D

vrijdag 15 augustus 2014

Crafting on a Rainy day


With lots of grey clouds gathering in th sky. Charlotte sleeping on the purple blanket in her wooden "basket" & some time on our hands, we felt like crafting. The tea was ready to drink, it is vacation time, nothing stoping us from having some fun :D

dinsdag 12 augustus 2014

Day in my French Kitchen

Hello again :D You might have wondered what happened to the weekly updates of life here at Pale Rose Cottage. I've been ill for a long long time, but it's slowly getting better & now I'm able to welcome you in my French kitchen...
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