maandag 18 augustus 2014

a Friendly visit & Raisin loafs

My friend S. came to visit me this week. Because I've been ill we have not seen much of one another. So when she came on her bicycle, with a bunch of sunflowers. A box of fresh fruit, blueberries plus melon & a packet of tea. It almost felt like Christmas had come early. The same exiting butterfly flutters in your stomach & oh what a wonderful day it is feelings ;D

The cheerful sunflowers immediatly brought light inside our cottage. As did her smile, I cried a bit. We talked, drank tea & it felt really good to see her, after such a long time. Loads happened in between and so it was a brief visit his time, with the promise of a see you next week. Isn't friendship one of the greatest healers?! I will remember this day, as it's one of the best

The next day, when all the emotions had passed, I pulled out my handwritten keepers-cookbook. Rolled up my sleeves (methaphorically speaking) & started to bake some bread. 

I had been wanting to bake a raisinbread for a while, but feeling tired had pushed the plan forward. Not anymore, today was the day to start baking. Mom helped me with weighing  the flours, we used a few different leftovers. A white flour, a brown flour and a extra strong flour. A one off interesting "unique" combination, that quickly took shape. I got rid of all sorts of emotions in the process of kneading the dough. Having your hands do the work while sorting out a bunch of stuff in your head left me with a very satisfied feeling.

As the bread was baking in the oven Mom and me had a cup of blueberry tea. A fruity flavor that wasn't my favorite and tasted a bit like frutella :) A good hour later I took this picture of our two very well-rissen loafs of raisin bread. Do they not make your mouth watering, just by looking at them.

How has your week been so far? Had a friend come for a visit? Ate lots of fresh fruit? Baked bread with raisins in it? Or some other fun things happened you want to share with us here at Pale Rose cottage...

All the best,
Jo's Daughter

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