dinsdag 26 augustus 2014

Durum, Dolls & Doing my Nails

When you live in a cottage the small size of Pale Rose & are on a matching budget. It's important to watch your wallet and plan meals according to the season, thus the price. Being thrifty might be nessesary, it can also be a challange that's a lot of fun...

So when I spotted a box of durum at the supermarket for a really good deal, I was "intruiged" ;) A Turkisch delight I had never heard of nor tasted... I took it home. Dad and I went into the kitchen and prepared our meal together. I'm normally a fan of everything homemade and the breadlike circles in the box where not of my own hand. But we added the fresh bellpeper, onion + appel aswell as the faux chicken and yoghurt sauce. So it wasn't a ready meal completely.

There was a lot of rain and thunder to be heard, we closed the window and turned on the light. It isn't often that Dad and I are working together in the kitchen. Usually it's mom and me. As she isn't feeling so good he stepped in and lent me a hand dicing the apple & chicken. This way we could get the food quiker on the table :)

We had a lot to talk about, as my sister is moving to another house. Dad's been helping with the move, but mom and I have yet to visit. Only seen a few pictures and those looked great. She will have a lot more room & the kitchen cupboards are also larger. Really handy for all those extra bowls, pots and pans.

I have lived most of my life here at Pale Rose & I rather like our cottage. Dinner was delightful, I really liked the Durum & wondered if I could make them myself next time. After we had eaten Mom offered to do my nails & I was happy to accept. She's really good at doing nails, I usually end up with sqaure edges, but mom makes beautiful round almond shapes. I chose a shell color nailpolish, nothing as fancy as I had here.

But back to being " thrifty"/crafty, the dolls shown in the first picture of this post are of my hand. I made them from old tshirts and a light blue collar also taken from an old shirt. I did not have a pattern and spend a good deal of time adjusting limbs and changing hairstyles. But now I'm really pleased with the girls. As they have that vintage look, as if they have been here at the cottage for ages :D

Have you ever eaten Durum? Did your nails this week? Make a pair of dolls from scraps? Or had something else happen you like to share? Please do!!

See you soon,
Jo's Daughter

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