vrijdag 15 augustus 2014

Crafting on a Rainy day


With lots of grey clouds gathering in th sky. Charlotte sleeping on the purple blanket in her wooden "basket" & some time on our hands, we felt like crafting. The tea was ready to drink, it is vacation time, nothing stoping us from having some fun :D

Mom and I sat down at the dining table along with the leftover sheepswool colors we had in our "Waldorf" crafting suitcase. To make a few children to go with our Mother Earth :) In the storybooks there are beautiful drawings, but turning them into dolls can be a little bit tricky.

We didn't have a pattern or instruction book for these doll. So it took a little extra creativity & a few tries, but the girls came along swiftly. Aren't they delightful? I sure think so. Each a different color dress, each a different hairstyle. All adoringly placed on our summer nature table, with a bright yellow sun in the sky & Mother Earth with her felted basket... They sure bring color into our cottage.

The painters came to paint the windowsills & not long after they left, let the skies around Pale Rose out a bunch of raindrops. The paint had luckily dried enough, so the rain did not damage it. For a moment or two I wondered if I'd take a walk in the rain, under my umbrella that is. Decided against it as the crafting had taken most of my energie.

Time for another cup of tea => Steamed Jasmin and Green tea this time, our current favorite. Sipping the tea, chatting, knitting my "golden" scarf & watching our new dolls, it felt like old times again.

Do you have a Mother Earth and her children on your nature table? Made something else with wool this week? Had rain? Or did another crafty project you want to share with us? Please do :)

Until next time,
Jo's Daughter

2 opmerkingen:

  1. hello.
    this is my first visit here.

    very lovely cat:)

  2. Welcome to our cottage Apricot & thank you, I love our Charlotte too :)


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