zaterdag 23 augustus 2014

Needlefelted Globes & Knitting Away


Me and Mom watched one of my DVD's today, we opted for Julie & Julia. A great film with lots of beautiful pots, pans and other fun kitchen accesories. When you watch a favorite film a second time, there are so many things you has not noticed the first time round. So I rather enjoyed looking at all those details and the brief glances of a French market...

After we had finished watching the film, we sat at the diningtable and rummaged through our waldorf crafting suitcase. Most of the beautiful colored wool had already been turned into Easter eggs and Flower children. But a few bits and pieces left over where now taken a good look at.


After a few minutes of  brainstorming, mom suggested turning them into spheres/globes. With the moon, sun and earth on them. I rather liked that idea and so it was decided :)

We where pricking away, shaping away. Mom made a dark blue evening sky with a moon and tiny stars shining brightly in it. I made the earth with clouds and trees on it. Together we created a red sun, as the yellow wool had all been used. Aren't these bolls beautiful?! I sure think they are :D

I also finished my knitting project, the green triangluar scarf, shown underneath Julie & Julia above, plus in this picture below, here it's yet to be completed. It is a funny yarn that has the look/feel of kitchen paper, a marbled green color I find rather pretty :)

How's your day today? Did any needle felting? Watched a film? Held a teaparty? Knitted a scarf? Or something else you want to share with us?

Best wishes,
Jo's Daughter

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