vrijdag 29 augustus 2014


Tea is drank here at Pale Rose cottage liter after liter. For some reason the teapot is always full and ready to pour. Not that we mind it in the slightest, cause we love our cuppa :) Like CS Lewis, we can never get a cup of tea large enough to suit us. When our teacups were full, conversation started & Mom and I sat cozy together in the kitchen...

You can tell that Autumn is preparing it's season by the greyness of the clouds, the falling leaves & abundingly blossoming Japanese anenomies in our garden. When I was taking a very brief "nap", because my stomach hurts, our Charlotte accompanied me & I took this picture of her, laughing with her paw in front of her face ;) I took about 20 pictures of her, and I don't want to lose a single one of them, so adorable they are.

We got some beautiful cards in the mail, one from our friend J & H, plus one from my sister. She's now living in her new home & we went to visit her. We admired her new place, drank tea and had sandwiches for lunch. It was a shory visit as she had other things to do. But how nice it was to see her and Chloe again! Sending an email is great, seeing each other, huggging and catching up face to face, way better!

This week mom harvested/picked our physalis plants. All those beautiful orange lampions are now brightening up our cottage. Charlotte seemed to really like them, as she did examen them closely.

Aren't they looking mighty fine, in the picture below? I think they do. We used a couple of the orange paper husks as hats for pinecone gnomes. You place a pinecone upside down for the body & make a small beeswax bol for the head. Cut off the stem + remove the fruit inside  of the lampion & place it on the gnome as the hat. Super simple to do & a very nice result :)

How has your week been? Got any postcards? Drank a lot of tea? Spend tine with your cat? Picked physalis from your garden, like us? Do tell!!!

Until next time,
Jo's Daughter

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