donderdag 4 september 2014

A First Step

Pale Rose cottage is the best place to be, or it is for me, as it's my home. But when Autumn is taking it's first step. By growing rosehips, long grass & the sunflowers forming seeds. Going for a walk is rather  lovely...

After we'd been to the shop this week, we took our short walk. Mom wanted to pick some grass. Yes you heard it right: grass, not wildflowers. Summer is slowly but steadily flowing into the early days of fall. So a few hands of long grass could be put to great use/fun on our "in between" nature table.

As a couple of grass dolls, sitting besides a small branch of rosehips. No yarn was used to make the dolls, they are completely made/bound together from the long grass. I find them fun, they  remind me of my younger years, making them together was a joy. Sometimes us kids made them out of wool instead of the grass. Charlotte didn't care for them, she slept the whole time in her basket. I took this next photo of her, adorable or what?!

A handfull of other grasses got stuck in a potatoe, which we hanged from the ceiling. It became a fuzzy looking bol almost like a dandelion's white bit of fluff. (How do you call that stage of the dandelion in English?) the potatoe gives of moisture and keeps the grasses looking fresh :)

How have you been this week? Made grass dolls? Or a grassy potato? Cooked a fine meal, baked a bread? Or had other fun? Tell us everything here in the coments. Love to know!

Jo's Daughter

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