dinsdag 16 september 2014

Banana Bread & Mango Soup

We made a lovely banana bread this week. I got the recipe from my friend S. Who had baked this for my sisters housewarming and given us a slice aswell. It was delightful and had blueberries in it. Ours did not as we followed the original recipe...

S had been a creative baker & had thrown in a handfull of them and some cocoa nips. The recipe came from her new cookbook, which she let us borrow :D I wrote down this bread and some seed crackers, that also sounded very yummie.

It turned out wonderful, light and almost a cake. But without the butter and sugar. We ate it for lunch at dinnertime. Here at Pale Rose we often eat our hot meal at 12 o clock. Oh I do like to collect recipes & often borrow cookbooks from the library. They are as fun to read as an ordinairy novel, though sometimes they make me hungry & a romantic story does not make my tummy rumble ;) I currently have on my beside table a French cookbook, a Mexican cookbook & a vegetarian one. So many wonderful things to choose from!

From which we made the Lentil-Mango soup. Does that not sound unusual and fun?! We believed so and as we had a mango on our fruitbowl, we decided to give it a try. We have made fruity soups before with banana instead of mango. This time we made a Lentil Tomatoe soup with a whole mango in cubes in it. Though you do not get that full mango flavor, there is a hint of it, that makes it extra special. So I think that this one is a keeper in our family recipe book :D

How's your week been, food wise? Baked a Banana bread or made Mango soup? Sonething else you like to tell us about? Please do, we'd love to know !

Until next time,
Jo's Daughter

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