maandag 8 september 2014

Bubbling Bagels

I had made a copy of a bagel recipe, from a library cookbook. Place it in my recipes-yet-to-try folder & left it untouched for months. Then at the beginning of this week I rememberd the copy tugged into said folder & searched for it. Time to make bagels!!!

Poppy seeds we have plenty in a small container in our pantry cupboard. So Poppyseed bagels it was going to be. I kneaded the dough and shaped the bagels for the rise. Put plastic bags over them & set them in the sunshine that shone through the windows of Pale Rose cottage.


Next they had to be boiled in a bubbling pan of syrupy water. It was a funny sight to see them floating in the pan. After I took them out, the bagels had to be sprinkled with poppyseeds and baked in the oven. After the rise they'd gotten this lovely homemade shape to them. Not perfectly round but rather charming I found :) Much more unique then the exact similar bagels you buy in the supermarket.

We had them for lunch with some jam and honey, absolutely delightful. I'm definitely going to bake them again sometime soon! 

Have you ever made your own bagels? Had them with poppyseed? Or maybe sesameseeds? Do tell...

See you soon here at Pale Rose,
Jo's Daughter

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