maandag 29 september 2014

Dragon Bread at Michaelmas

It's Michaelmas today and here at Pale Rose we celebrate the feast if St Michael by decorating our nature table in style...

Michaelmas daisies, a dragon & other Autumn accesories all bring joy to our cottages livingroom. Mom also made this transparant where Michael fights the dragon. We too would "struggle" with slicing the dragon a bit later on ;)


For lunch we made a big pot of pumpkinsoup, with leeks and orange juice. One of my favorite dishes ever! The whole cottage smelled nice.


Charlotte really liked our Dragon and tried to throw it of the table. I managed to distract her by playing with her, with a pidgeon feather. Didn't work, the dragon made of wool felt and stuffed with more sheepswool smelled too delicious I believe. Luckily she was then distracted by a bowl of cat treats, beef flavor :)

The soup tasted really good and mom had made such a large pot, that we could freeze half of it & have it another time. When  pumpkins are no longer in season, or when we want a quick homemade meal. Next we baked a Dragon bread, a wholemeal bread shaped like a Dragon & decorated with almonds. It was the first time we attempted a Dragon, so a bit of a challange.

As it baked in the oven, the dragon grew and changed from friendly to furious, or something like that.  It's mouth wide open blew flames (pumpkin skin) in the air. What a fiercefull creature it became.

But we sliced him open,into many slices & ate him with honey, delicious!!!

What are you doing on Michaelmas? Made pumpkin soup? Resqued your felt Dragon from the hands of your cat? Baked a dragon bread or a Sword bread perhaps? Do tell us all!

Until another time,
Jo's Daughter

4 opmerkingen:

  1. Lovely! And such a great idea to EAT the Dragon ;-)
    Lena x

  2. It looks like a beautiful celebration. I love the transparency and the dragon bread!

    1. Thank you Stacey! We had a great time here at the cottage :)


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