vrijdag 26 september 2014

Loads of Lemonade

My friend S came to visit & brought me a bag full of magazines to clip pictures from & a giftbag she brought from her vacation in Italy. Inside the giftbag was a wooden pinokkio and a jar of honey...

You know me, I LOVE honey and was super delighted with these wonderful gifts!! I put the Pinokkio on my keyring & had the honey on our homemade bread, yum :)

More wonderful things happened this week at Pale Rose, we got a packet in the mail. From our friends J & H. Inside where fig cookies, rubharb soap and green tea with jasmine, from Marks & Spencer. The cookies and tea where delicious & the soap smells wonderful, I said to mom they should turn into a perfume. Godh all these wonderful gifts made me feel spoiled.

From the magazines I clipped a bunch of pictures for my scrapbook & this cute page below. It inspired me to make some lemonade for us, as we still had more lemons then we knew what to do with :) I'm thinking about framing this as a poster, it looks so warm and sunny.

The lemonade tasted lovely, and I had another fig cookie with it. Forgot to take a picture of them but trust me when I say that they looked delightful :D Life gave me lots of lemonade this week !

How has your week been? Got loads of gifts, like me? Made lemonade? Drank green tea? Something else you want to share, please do!

See you soon at Pale Rose cottage,
Jo's Daughter

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