vrijdag 19 september 2014


Friday evening I stood with a bag, bursting full of clothes, toothpaste, soap and extra socks on my sisters doorstep. I waved goodbye to Mom and Dad, as I was the only one as a "guest" at her home for a sleepover...
I had already seen my sisters new place, but had yet to have the pleasure of staying overnight. What a joy and to see more of Sophie and Chloe-belle aswell, it made me smile :D Chloe didn't want to sit on my lap, but Sophie the cute guinea pig was more then happy to spend a good 20 minutes being petted.

We had eaten pancakes for dinner that evening with red berry compote Mam made. See picture below. There was so much to talk about, as we had not seen each other for a while, that the evening turned late.

The next day, Saturday we went to visit the local charity shop. It's close by and when my sister proposed a visit I was glad to go & see if they had wool. I have finished my knitted scarf and could
use some new yarn for a new project.

But alas there wasn't a single ball of wool to find. I checked out the dvd's and cookbooks, yet again nothing for me. So I looked at everything there, had a good tine but bought nothing. Perhaps better next time...

We did some grocery shopping and made my sisters new favorite recipe. Quinoa salad with nectarine & cellery. A delicious salad full of healthy ingredients, a recipe that I will make for us at Pale Rose for sure.

My sister had a bunch of films, that I could chose from, wich we watched together. She made is a baked apple with rasons and cinnamon, a lovely autumn dessert. We saw The Other Woman & Austenland. The last one rather amuzing and fun. Lots of tea was drank, we visited the old cocoa factory & before we knew it, it was Sunday morning. The moment I would go back home. I had a wonderful visit that I hope will come again soon!

Did you have a sleepover? Went to a charity shop? Made a quinoa salad or something else delightful? Do tell us all about it!

Until next time,
Jo's Daughter

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