maandag 1 september 2014

Sunflower Power

My friend S rang the doorbell yesterday, and handed these beautiful large sunflower heads over, bursting with seeds. First I made a funny face on one of them. Seen in the picture above....

Next we hang them on the coatrack so that they can dry out proparly & hopefully give us loads of seeds. Lovely sight isn't it?! Regulary we turn them over so that they will dry well. It would be wonderful to get subflowers from these next year. Sunflowers have the power to cheer you up in an instant from seeing them. Lots of summer sunshine, captured in a tiny seed :) 

Life at Pale Rose cottage goes on as usual. We chat a lot, we knit scarves & I'm reading a romance novel! That takes place in wintertime. We are watching the Great British Bake off on TV, in which  delightful things are baked by people who want to win a title with their skills. Sometimes I think it would be fun to enter such a competition, but I'm too shy to try it myself. 

Also we drink lots of tea in the afternoon. We tried out a new flavor by combining a camomile teabag with a teaspoon of our homegrown and dried lavender. Leave it absorbing flavors in the pot for a good 5 minutes & it's ready to drink. If you drink this tea a half hour before sleeping you get super relaxed :) 

What have you been doing this week? Drying sunflower seeds? Watching the Bake Off competition? Drank lots of tea, with a interesting flavor combination you like to share? Please do!

Until next time,
Jo's Daughter

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