maandag 27 oktober 2014

Acorn and Liguster

We got something wonderful in the mail from our dear friends J and H. Besides a pretty card two small books with flower fairies in them. Little poems and beautiful picures...

Many of the flower fairies in them, Mom made from felt and wool. So it is super fun to have them on display with their poem. Above a picture of the liguster child (what is the Enlish name for it?), sitting on a shelf in Pale Roses livingroom.
It simply belongs there and our Charlotte also loves to look at it from a short distance. If we leave the flower children on the side table she for sure will come and play with them. Now we cannot really blame her. They are smelling delightfully of wool :) But having them on the little shelf is a lot safer. Or if you hang them up, like our acorn children, a pattern of Mieke Stender.
That way they remain beautiful and complete. I helped Mom make the little mobile for the acorn children. It's got bare rosemary spriggs from our garden and we added a few pinecones as well for weight. I really like it & if you walk up towards the door of the cottage, you can spot it through the window. What a nice sight it is, don't you agree?!

Did you make a mobile? Have pretty flower children on display? Or a cat that likes to play with them? Tell us all about it!

Jo's Daughter

4 opmerkingen:

  1. Your little liguster child is adorable. My dad has a big liguster in his garden - it always reminds me of my childhood :-)
    The mobile is very pretty too!
    Lena x

  2. I'm sure your Dads liguster is beautiful, thank you for your compliments Lena :)

  3. Flower fairies are a favorite of mine...lovely blog.

    1. Here at Pale Rose we also love our flower children.


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