dinsdag 21 oktober 2014

Birthday Wishes

Waking up on your Birthday is always a bit different from waking up on any other day, isn't it?! I woke up knowing straight away that it would be a special day & a special day it will certainly be...


When I came downstairs a bunch of pink roses, some of my favorite flowers, lay there at my chair on the diningtable. Aswell as a flat packet that turned out to be the first season of Downton Abbey, another favorite of mine. I had my eye on it not too long ago & am really happy knowing I can watch it again whenever I want. 
Mom made me a cake, or a pie more like it. Without sugar in it that is. Just some honey and sweet potatoes, raisins and an oat base. It turned out really good & smelled deliciously of nutmeg. A real Autumn like smell, yummy.
After I have a slice for breakfast, it is my Birthday after all, we shall hop into the car and drive to my sisters house. We will celebrate it there, oh I can't wait :) Below a quick picture of some of my gifts, a towel with my name embroiderd on it & rose scented soap on a pretty soapdish. They where from our good friends J and H. Ok, I'm off to "party".

How is your week so far? Celebrated your birthday? Or had another party? Something else fun, do tell!!

Best wishes,
Jo's Daughter

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